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ZARA Try On Haul 2021


I’m gonna take you with me can not help myself  I’m gonna go to ZARA I know I love ZARA and you guys love ZARA as well and as you guys told me I have a relationship of hate and love with Zara and yeah I mean come on they’re like  10 have minutes away from home so can not resistant resist so I’m just gonna go to ZARA and check their new collection the new fall/autumn collection and I’m gonna take it with me so it’s going to be like a come shopping with me at ZARA like the old days because that’s how I started.

my blog shows you like to come shopping with me at ZARA and H&M but in this occasion we’re gonna  go to Zara, possible we’re gonna stop express I don’t know yet and by the way I just came back  from a shooting day I was shooting outfits for my Instagram and look at this my car is my closet I don’t know if you can see it but it’s full of clothes and I already posted on my Instagram today I woke up at 3:30 am and I went down to San DiegoItook pictures about seven outfits my goal was  to take pictures of 10 outfits but yeah I have technical issues with my camera the battery died  and yeah yeah long story,

long story short and then today I had a hair appointment with Blanca, my hair appointment was at 3 00 p.m and she,I don’t know one of her clients canceled  and she was able to get me in at 2 15 pm so I went at 2 15 earlier than that um and she  did my hair so I have a fresh hair and this is just a Blanca and she did a wonderful  job and she made me very happy because she told me that my hair is looking healthier and is growing  and if you know my hair journey this is my hair like two years ago I have that issue with my hair  and in some point I’m gonna make a video about how I recovered my hair probably for you it doesn’t  look like super nice but for me, it’s just a big improvement from this to right now and I can feel  that is healthy and it means a lot to me when Blanca tells me that my hair is feeling better I’m  applying castor oil every Tuesday instead of Taco Tuesday,

I apply oil Tuesday to my hair just  changed the conversation very drastically here let’s go to ZARA and check their fall collection  seriously I’m very fancy I’m wearing high heels and I’m wearing this top that I bought at NORDSTROM and this skirt that is from HM and my Jimmy Choo heels,

I don’t know if you can see them I’m gonna show them later but yeah very fancy and i’m gonna stop by  ZARA as I told you and I’m so happy with my new hair will love the color so let’s go and stop by ZARA and check out their new fall autumn collectionImean last time that I was here they have some pieces but they didn’t have like the full collection so hopefully hope that they have more pieces than before we’re gonna find out my camera is falling apart I’m going to return the jeans that I bought from ZARA,

remember these ones yes so long story short the next day I tried to wear them and remember that I told you that they have room for pizza and pizza hamburgers? well you know what I was bloated and the next day they couldn’t fit they didn’t pass through my hips like nope, nope, nope not at all so I’m just going to return them um I, I have a lot of jeans and I prefer the jeans from EXPRESS, love  ZARA jeans as well but you know what? I’m just gonna I’m not going to H&M but what’s up with HM?

this is ugly and this is ugly and this one oh my gosh totally unwearable I’m surprised because they were doing great and now they come up with this what is this? all right I’m not 100% with this this is unwearable for me because especially I’m looking for the office or to be casual this is what is this I don’t know, what is this? okay, this is something blazers,I believe is 89.99? no these ones are $50 dollars okay now we’re talking,

it’s like a dark green they have their pants here okay the pants are nice okay this can be something I am totally going to receive a strike because they have the music super loud so i’m gonna grab an extra small and we’re gonna try it on for the trousers i’m just gonna go ahead with this so it’s small this price of this one’s yeah fifty dollars for the trousers and fifty dollars for the blazers okay so now we’re talking okay none of these are unwearable for me this is very, very I don’t know yeah any words! this can be something…

it has the same design, it is plastic but on this super loose design with front pockets not a big fan of the front pockets but the price of fifty dollars for uh trousers made of plastic means the design is cute I guess okay this is very soft not my style but the quality is really good this one is a 69.90 it’s something they have these biker jackets vegan leather and they have the green, they have the black and the beige color, the green is something right? green is going to be big this season these ones are 70 dollars cute i’m gonna try one so you have an idea of how this one fits i’m gonna grab this size medium did you see the green color?

yeah, it’s everywhere green is going to be huge this season look at this! the coats that they were part of my last haul! I showed you the cons that these coats have they’re pretty cute but you need to pay the price, they’re pretty cheap but the price is that they’re high maintenance watch my video and you’re gonna find out the three cons of these blazers but it’s not a blazer it’s a coat! this -want to be- vest, not for me but they are $35.90 and very oversized, look more coats, they have this yellow color it’s cute and very trendyIwill stay away from it they have the navy color cream and this one’s with a huge cutout at the front I’m not 100%.

These are $30 dollars they look good with jeans or trousers and you have the trend, the trendy piece, right? these blazers are good, the camel blazer this one is really really cute and it goes for $89.99. okay, let me see no! $120 is crazy! an investment but it’s really cute and blazers from ZARA are really goodwill stay away from this unless you’re gonna wear it with a nice pair of jeans and a blazer but just to wear it just like that I mean it’s fun but I will stay away from that I will stay away from this one as well it’s very trendy it would look nice with a denim yeah but no it’s it doesn’t have the wow! effect this one on the other hand, these ones are cute this color is so gorgeous $89.90 this one is cute as the well same design as the pink one.

More trendy pieces well not for me, not for my age crop what is this? nope uh this dress let me check very simple super thin this one is $45.90 but not a Fall Autumn piece maybe for spring jeans of course highly recommend the jeans from  ZARA, this one not!I will stay away from this one yes! this one is very very nice it gives me Chanel vibes for sure it has this tweed design so cute and the green color wow this one is $79.90 cute okay so here is a red and white type of section nope let’s see nothing that caught my eye. What is this?

no. This is a polka dot skirt and this blazer. Here is the blazer. It is oversized it’s cute but I’m not 100 %with oversized clothing this season this one is $69.90 that was kind of huge this one is size small they have a size extra small no okay now the smaller size oh this is another design this is different from this one okay so this one is the size small very oversized yeah it’s more like a Dad blazer so we’re continuing with the trend I’m not a 100% with that trend anymore yes I will wear because I have a couple of lasers and I’m going to continue wearing them but um I’m not planning to invest on more Dad blazers okay more trendy pieces.

This dress, this dress with a hole here so yeah in case you are eating pizza and burgers like me my love handle is going to come out from here! lol yeah! this is a no-no for me but in case you like this one is at $50 dollars super soft we have these slip dresses, they are so so cute the only con is that they don’t have any lining so yeah it’s very tricky because the bra situation as you can see the straps are not adjustable so that’s another con is the see-thru situation, of course, right oh they brought my colors we have the brown one already so maybe I will get the beige color.

The entire line of TRFI will stay away from it like yeah very trendy pieces definitely not my age type of vibe. They have a lot of jeans, okay guys so here is the suit very very oversized sorry the music is super loud um yeah the blazer is a size extra small and it’s oversized it’s kind of like Dad’s type of blazer, Like it, it’s cute.

The pants? I love their design but they fit big, this one is size small I think I’m gonna try the size extra small because I really love them really like the plates here but can you see that they’re a little bit lost I’m sorry I’m the worst vlogger, yeah they’re loose here so I’m gonna ask and see if they have the size extra small I love the pants,

yeah okay so this one is nice medium yes it fits me big-think that my size is size extra small yes because this one is very very big so yeah Iwas thinking okay well maybe size medium will fit no size medium is a little bit big will size down for sure I will take my size the size extra small and they’re nice

I think that you can find it cheaper at H&M but I don’t know if H&M already released their biker, biker jackets anyway if I can find biker jackets from H&M or others or cheaper than seventy dollars won’t include in the description box below so here is the blazer the tweed laser on a green color looks like a Christmas tree! it’s perfect for the holidays this one is size small and yeah my size is extra small on ZARA blazers but we never know with  ZARA right?

because their sizing is not accurate at all so can not say that I’m size extra small on ZARA blazers because yeah who knows I was freaking out because I was thinking like oh my gosh this top has a lot of buttons because look at this but these ones are mock okay? so yeah so you only have four bottoms yay!

here’s the top it’s nice to go to the office and it’s oversized it has this it’s not a neckline, okay so I don’t know if you can remove it no you cannot remove it no it’s attached to the top so it’s just there um but it looks very nice with the pleated trousers from Zara I’m obsessed with the trousers hopefully they can find my size because I’m getting the trousers okay

it looks pretty nice with this top okay guys so these are the trousers size extra small obviously they fit better at the waist and on my hips so yes my size is size extra small my only concern is can you see that it has these pleats here at the front so it gives me a little bit of tummy here and I didn’t eat burgers today! so that’s the only concern however they look really nice I really like them like the color don’t know-don’t know Should I get them or not?

they were pretty cheap they were 50 dollars but yeah if I’m gonna feel uncomfortable showing my tummy that I don’t have a tummyIdon’t think that’s a good thing what do you think unfortunately I couldn’t find anything from ZARA so now I’m gonna go and stop by EXPRESS and see what we can find because,

I’m very disappointed EXPRESS just released these suits that are made of this fabric that is like a sweatshirt type of thing and is the blazer and the pants it doesn’t look like joggers very interesting very also super soft you probably recognize this one have this one this color burgundy see it everywhere here this set is so lovely it has the cardigan and it has this, okay well it’s not,

so much because it’s kind of crop but with the cardigan, I think it looks good so so cute here’s the blazer that is made of this sweatshirt fabric this is so so nice so soft yes so many lovely pieces for these Fall Autumn,  Ilove this one is $68.

here’s a cardigan version of this burgundy jacket, we can totally recreate this outfit I have a biker “jacket” jacket. jacket! and look at this here’s a dress it has a slit at the back of this blazer I have this in my cart size extra small will fit me in these dresses that look like blazers.

Look at the buttons it’s so cute and the fabric feels yeah it’s like a Blaser type of color but they have another cream color and they have it on the black color okay… so I’m going to be trying this sweater that really likes with batwing sleeve style and have this dress I love the color this burgundy color it’s so so cute yeah!

I can never resist this type of dress I really love them and I’m gonna try this super soft  suit with this sweatshirt material, yeah and I have the joggers so I’m gonna be trying  this blazer and of course, I’m gonna try the blazer and I have leggings and I’m gonna try this  a dress as well that gives me KHAITE vibes you’re gonna see it,

yeah I don’t have a hanger  but let’s try them on so here are the leggings these are sizes small and they fit a little  bit lose so I think size extra small will fit better because yes I can see that they’re not  tight their legs are supposed to be tight and I have rolls of fabric everywhere so

I’m gonna ask for the size extra small so these are not working these are size small and  they’re one big this blazer is so so cute and look at this it’s kind of different because look  at the bottom okay so it’s a little bit of open can you see like a little button b it’s just kind  of different but if it’s like a glove this one is size extra small and it has a lining of course  really well-made love the fabric and it looks very professional perfect for the office the  sweater I love it it has this asymmetrical hair horizontally designed it  has a bad way in the sleeves super soft wonder if it’s extra small  feels it tighter here but I think

it’s okay a little bit of lose it doesn’t hurt what do you  think here’s the suit the blazer and the joggers are made of this sweatshirt material super soft  guys and the size extra small fits like a glove with the joggers um yeah I feel that they have  a little bit of a diaper situation here I don’t know but they’re pretty comfortable I would wear  this for casual Fridays honestly don’t know but yeah the blazer definitely the joggers, uh i’m not a hundred percent but maybe if you can wear this with the sneakers  because they,

this is more like casual relaxation instead of high heels rightIthink with  sneakers will be better like white sneakers yeah but with the blazer you can totally pair them with  trousers and like a formal with heels and boots and here is the sweater dress I love it it’s very flattering I’m wearing my shapewear, by the way, yeah very much  everywhere and maybe that’s why but it’s so so far and this one is size small and I love it  it has this lid here at the back so you can walk so here is it’s kind of like pink color and

it has this okay type of heart neckline it doesn’t work with your conventional wrap this is my bra  switch it to my camera because my phone is acting weird and it has this lovely hard neckline that is  so secure that then that’s the star of the dress so flowering this one is size smallIthink that  my size is extra small on this on this address because if it’s a little bit lose here and  there it doesn’t work with your conventional bra look at this okay so you need to  wear a strapless with this address all right guys so it’s almost eight and

it’s  pretty dark so I’m going home, unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything I saw some good stuff as  press but I didn’t pull the trigger so I decided that don’t spend money so I’m just gonna go  home and change my shoes because oh my gosh they’re killing me I have been on high  heels all day and my poor feet are suffering just figured out that I never said that I’m  going to leave this vlog here thank you so much for watching and I’m just going to take my  shoes off look at this oh my gosh my feet are so



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