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Video Maker FX -Bonus and Review HERE update news

Video Maker FX -Bonus and Review HERE update news…

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I’m very very excited to

introduce this just to you the name of

the products called the video maker FX

ok video make your FX you know what this

thing is gonna change the way you making

your new videos ok this is a game

changer I don’t say this a lot about a

lot of software but this is and the best

part about it so far is he never crashes

it’s fast it’s easy it’s simple and I

think if you’re serious about video

marketing if you want to make fantastic

video without much work um being a lazy

and still make a fantastic video looks

good this is a product grab it’s gonna

be super up for the boy as well ok

alright so on you finger her eat make

sure you’re coming back at 11am a stint

in time if you’re my list you know the

secret it’s absolutely open at the 10

a.m. eastern standard time that means

you’re gonna grab this at early early

bird price so make sure you clean

cookies grand from the link below so I

can get you hook up some awesome awesome

bonuses now if you want to get the

exclusive of themes from me um well it

gave to me to give to you I that the

hand fan easy product review things for

just software um make sure you grab from

the link below so i can send this to you

okay all right you want to see what it

looks like so right here just hit a play

button alright so how do you work out

about hundred dollars I’ll way imagine

because it takes a long time to create

them and also i’m being an additional to

that i’m gonna cook it up with a 57 more

awesome bonuses so tons tons of value

for your purchase alright so if you want

to check out the interview here again

then you can find over here you can

watch it again if you want to check out

the sales page you can check out this

else page before you want this but you

know what guys this is the absolutely

the best software for video creation

when it comes to simplicity when it

comes to pricing point I wing comes to

ease of use when it comes to smooth less

it just all two thumbs up on all areas I

fatigue testing so far I even made a

freaking video with this software and

wish i’m gonna show you in a couple

minutes so without further ado way it’s

not gonna getting well depends what

package getting if you get in the front

end you didn’t come into a member said

Draya looks like this this is where

download the software all right so all

you have to do if you have on Windows

tell windows version if you download the

mac conversion I you know download mac

version now there is training video

obviously saying here for ready for you

but you know what you don’t need to

watch it everything is so simple and

easy to use okay alright so let me come

to dis version this is d all right let

me talk to somebody up grace you might

be getting there’s a training and here’s

some awesome bonuses you want to check

it out and if you get the pro thing

version you’re gonna get even more

things that’s ready to go I’m gonna show

you doing a demo okay all right I think

that’s about 100 more things in here or

25 now if your local business you want

to get the UM you want to get the video

profit FX thing here it’s going to not

only teach you how to grant 50 more

things for business owners but also

teach you how to grab the leads from me

they have a lead generating software

here to sell this video to them to

instantly I mean all this video once

they see the quality of it you can

easily sell this to for virtually easily

sell this for two three hundred dollars

okay alright so i spent about a half

hour because i’m new to the software to

create about many 21 videos like this I

was this software hi have you ever

frustrated making you a very

unprofessional video well please me Anna

emma is just like a regular internet

marketer just like few shows your table

is a make some awesome awesome videos

right but you know what she’s very very

frustrated the dream book she becomes in

successful video marketer testing

stopped because will cost too much to

handle the time and skills and lack of

the experiments she’s very very

frustrated until she have this one day

she has discovered the video maker FX so

YouTube now committee absolutely

fantastic video like I’m making right

now so Anna is happy again alright so

now she can make it professional videos

funny big her very first sales two

videos and it’s it’s such a huge time

saving for so you to shoot today go grab

you own copy of the video maker FX go

back yesterday so I below you send you

some policies

all right ladies and gentleman that’s

funny yet and that’s that’s that’s can

my review i’m just getting any

way so every single one of this uh

things I have done here is creating by

the software from the music from the

recording of my voice over I which is

very unprofessional by the way but video

still kind of look stunning isn’t it and

the animations from characters two

characters it’s all done by using the

software it’s very very easy to use okay

alright so when you first I’ll get this

installed this is what it looks like um

you have all kinds of beautiful

beautiful things to choose from

everything you everyone it’s in here on

the the carrier trauma twos on was an

Anna so basically has already pre-made

all you had to do is edit in cup of text

then you be good to go so you have a

Jerry ok it’s basically I using it

submit the sufferings what i like about

it’s from the marketer to another

marketers so he understand the the power

for telling stories ok also have all

kinds of layout or a layout for you have

to do is film in the text that’s applied

to your campaign and sells letters and

affiliate offers it’s all ready to go

alright so if you are more into the um

you know local business I want to kind

of show you here because there’s too

many way too many I have about 300 more

things in here because he gave me the

upgrade access but you’re gonna get at

least 240 different things animation in

here okay alright so if your local

business I want to kind of talk about

upgrade here a little bit and if you

let’s say are you marking to local

business and have everything ready for

you here animation if you real estate

agent you wanna kinda help real estate

and sell houses you have all this

animation really for you and if you sell

mobile services which is very very hot

right now right so he has all this

animation ready to go alright all you

gotta do is replace the Texas here uh

you basically really to go okay all

right and they feel like why bone

animations but you’ll love this you have

joining things and telling a story and

all you got to do is just kind of edit

the slides and you really do go i’m

going to show you don’t don’t know if

i’m going to show you exactly how this

thing works I just wanna give you sum up

looks and Theo of this thing what is

sing does

alright so you have to put a picture in

here to see that so that’s a bad example

you said here’s a weekend mom play with

a company logo uh I’m the lines

Connecticut promotions you know this is

very very very cool stuff here guys all

right you seen this stuff now you can

have it too literally I with a couple

click of buttons you got ready to go all

right presentation so just can really

really replace the boring powerpoint

presentation because everything is

animated it’s really easy to editing uh

I mean you don’t even need a watch d um

whatever the lead so this is what it is

but i do want to point out if you do

decide to point out for me I for me you

ought to get this one extra thing here

callahan fan the prompt easy product

review thing okay alright so what this

is all you got to do is editing swap out

the product name and II covers and you

ready to go so he made this thing just

for you because I asked what okay all

right I want to always deliver more

value alright so that’s it so this kind

of let’s kind of make a life one huh and

what would you guys say go let’s kind of

make a brand new one think I’m up are we

I’ll recreate the project so let’s kind

of see um did you let’s take the one I

have not screw around with list let’s go

to Google search let’s see always don’t

number one Google feature descriptions

introducing product name above all right

contact us holo images collected

prodigal for services alright so let’s

let’s kind of let’s say I want I want

all the slides for this entire scene so

I automatic import here all right so uh

see if you want move this around so you

can just get it move around maybe you

want displayed is a very very end

alright so let’s kind of introduce let’s

say I want to put some image here all

you gotta do is click the image image

areas is the grave area so let’s say if

I want to browse

to what image area let’s go to the

insert this image here now BAM it’s

their right and you can change change to

check this out to you know something

like crime this today no something like

that see to see how easy that is it’s

really really simple and easy to to

change right now if you want you see the

backgrounds kind of changing because I’m

keep up change of different layout and

animations for the background all right

so I like number two because you kind of

give me that why background and delay

delays it between sly one slide to I

want to add some delays well maybe my

voice one telling the story need more

time here so uh that’s where you add a

second here okay so that’s where you’re

playing around and I hear someone say

you can play around animation so you can

have a little thing here I have more

things as you can see more arrow

pointing down and that’s not yet okay

alright so um I want this to be more

grayish color actually move bluish color

uh if you want to kind of like you know

bring that out or maybe a little bit

bluer you know you can change all that

okay all right so uh so if you don’t

want two distinct show up just turn it

off you how about transparent effect

alright so let’s say that and image and

you can change the background image in

the background image you can pick from

whatever you can pick from alright show

up let’s choose studio just kind of use

this image now looks totally brand-new

right so there’s a lot of flexibility

aww isn’t they get into inking the

exchange ball you also has a lot of

limitations for example you cannot you

cannot move this anywhere you cannot

move the airway new aids aids because

it’s a template it’s all set um so home

interventions normal weight using that

arrow you know something like that so

let’s say we’ve done with that and this

one I want to edit this text or you how

to do is

you know kind of follow your email

addresses is stored sandbox hotmail com

my phone number is 100 55 that sounds

good all right and here they implanted

into the man she asked your tie this

thing changes okay he looks you just

keep looping there you go all right

maybe put the HTTP in front of it you go

and tell attack us right so uh I don’t

know this is you change whatever you

want and images which is the logo image

um I’m gonna say oh no let’s Brown full

file hmm i don’t know i never done this

so let’s see if i can do this chief

enough Emma will go very quickly mmm is

how he looks like

there you go it’s a nice local there

right so background image again you can

pick whatever you want you can change

the color remember shape one to see all

this color can be changed this is the

background color I can change too i

don’t know hot red or something that’s

ugly now this looks not too bad right so

again you can change the you know open

background image again you can change

the whatever you want to do you know

some of this image actually are animated

like some of this this doesn’t look bad

right so you can change the delay stuff

so as you can see is a very diverse fine

all you can change to whatever you want

and the product name you doo doo doo doo

doo doo doo doo doo doo doo let’s do

this one so you can drag and drop drag

and drop drop drag and drop like this

you know if you don’t want to you want

to duplicate to hit this kind of thing

you duplicate but I wanted one so I

delete it um so let’s make sure I’m here

alright so background image area let’s

go txt enter your search time here your

top search term results

so uh so I was like damn fan so as you

as you changing here you can see changes

with you right so in this video I’m

always on the top right on my hand

alright so that works right see if I

post this isn’t that cool I’m sure you

can use this video right yeah yeah so

this is cool right so and you can change

the font size and text align that’s kind

of you can change the text effect but

for this one some of them does have it

some time doesn’t so are you sure you

got to get idea here just depends on the

template what color you can change is

kind of different things gonna be this

color now animations this is the arrow

thing again right all right so uh so

yeah and so let’s say I done with all

this things that I want to do right I

don’t have the time to go to the mall

and I want I to audio all you gotta do

is here enable audio track and pick

their favorite video

alright so let’s say I found one that

hit apply so he’s going to be applied to

this whole thing alright so I’m just

going to kind of explore a and if you

want to do voiceover just kind of a

second track and this is awake and a hit

record and you can pick your microphone

and hit a record me automatically place

the slideshow and you recording me so uh

so i’m recording it so this is a testing

a de Bob for video maker FX and just

want to see what my audio sounds like so

once you’ve done that so you’re gonna

watch the videos you know to all this

animations the different slides and all

that stuff so uh it’s not proceed under

record complet you can play it recording

there so this is a testing of the Bob

video maker FX and just want to see what

my audio sounds like alright so so foot

foot so we hitting Co you will have a

boast the music and the audio but for

this purposes I’m going to turn off the

voice uh you will play just trust me on

that because you only want to the demo

video on the other one but I think for

this for every six hours ago I have the

music point okay alright so once you do

that you want to close the window we

already apply the music let’s kind of

export it so i have not find any uh i

would think very good is going to take

longer than you know very average or

report but I game found that it takes

too much longers always using very good

settings I’m so let me see make sure I

name the one you project that’s funny so

let’s kind of exploit the maximum

resolution for this is 1280 by 720 okay

so that’s if you want to go higher than

that you pretty much had a reading

coding in some of the software in here

okay all right so uh alright so uh there

you go so let’s kind of exploit it very

quick and as you can see um this thing

really does not taken that long if you

do this in Camtasia it’s gonna be at

least 20 30 minutes you sitting here

waiting but this thing is really really

out quicker and easy to to do so uh you

need it doesn’t really consume a

out of the cpu power neither which is

very very surprised to me so let’s kind

of see how much power just thing really

really consumes all right so you can see

here uh it doesn’t use that much ramp

it’s only using a five percent of the

CPU Oh compared to Camtasia which is

gonna take a lot more than that so it’s

a very very light software it doesn’t

require that much a cpu speed to make

this kind of videos we should for a lot

of beginner video marketers you can’t

afford that you know like you know I

investing a lot of video equipment like

I do this is the perfect software for

this and you’d be amazing quality of the

video is so it’s done so let’s kind of

let me kind of grabbed it and in a play

for you


so the reason that it doesn’t have a

music after this because it’s amazing a

pic was kind of short so I’m sure that

you view your video is long enough to

cover the whole animation sequence okay

all right so guys as you can see this is

really really cool thing crash if you’re

not doing anything that can take this to

me sometimes you know uh and the video

comments like a freaking amazing isn’t

it so go grab this on lunch time I

guarantee you’ll be happy with this you

will thank me for this and uh um all

that great stuff I think you can

actually insert videos into here with

other templates but i have not test that

out yet but yes this is so out this

little cool is against my three thumbs

up if you have a the third thumb

somewhere imagines here or there but it

gets all my thumbs up I have not final

flawless up software like this and I’m

absolutely blown away how cool this is

I’m gonna use this every single day in

my own marketing for my offline client

as well and this is a cool stuff all

right so anyway if you don’t believe

this is going to change the way you’re

making videos literally and help you

making a fantastic video in very very

short it’s the time and go grab this at

launching time are you absolutely love

it so I can send you the exclusive

templates and awesome awesome bonuses

with it as well okay alright so again

just your friend here make sure your

clean cookies graph on the link below

until next time please keep smiling,



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