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The 10 BEST Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2021 // How Much Do They Pay?

The 10 BEST Affiliate Marketing Programs

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helping you create something awesome today. we are gonna round up the
10 best and high-paying affiliate marketing programs that I could think of. Some of these are my personal favorites and yes, I know, I know everybody makes this passive income and how to make money online,

the good news is I’m
one of the only people

who makes these videos

and then doesn’t sell you a $1,000

affiliate marketing course.

So you’re welcome.

And again, I kid, I kid

God help us if we lose our sense of humor

in 2020, right?

But like I said, all joking aside,

I really do like this topic because

it actually has impacted me

when I was like a kid in my twenties.

I used to make like $6
an hour in the mall.

Back in my days, everything was harder.

And we had to earn our money the hard way

by sitting in air
conditioning in the mall,

selling from the checkout counter.

I’m playing with you guys again.

But I went from making like $6 an hour

as a broke college kid, to
being able in my thirties,

over a decade later, to be able to earn

you know a six figure income

affiliate marketing played a role in that

YouTube played a role in that.

Freelancing played a role
in that, and of course,

online sales played a role in that.

And so what I try to do
with this YouTube channel

is I trying to actually show you

realistic and practical things I did

and tell you how long a
lot of this stuff takes,

what you have to invest upfront.

Because again, there is
a common sense approach

to do a lot of this stuff.

There is no way to make money
in your sleep overnight.

It doesn’t happen, it’s going
to be in the front-loading effort.

It’s going to mean doing hard work now,

reaping benefits from it later,
that’s the way it works.

And so with that in mind,

let’s jump into the video
and get into my 10 best

affiliate marketing programs.

The ones that I think
actually pay the best.

‘Cause I know that’s what
you guys came here for.

So affiliate program, number one Teachable


is Teachable, Teachable
as an online course and

coaching platform,

actually, I have a great
relationship with them

and I actually have some future products

that I’m gonna be using
the platform to develop.

And what I will say about Teachable

is they have a 30% recurring
commission program.

This is actually really
strong ’cause you want those

recurring commissions.

So you can start making
more automated income,

something that feels a lot more passive

once you front-loaded
a little bit of work.

And the good news is
that they actually have a

30-day cookie window.

So anybody who clicks
on your affiliate link

within a 30-day period of them clicking,

you will actually get
the commission for that.

You will get credit for that.

And since Teachable platform
starts at $39 a month

and goes all the way up to $499 a month,

that is 30% commissions can be powerful.

And that can add up also
as someone upgrades,

that means that your revenue
is going to increase.

So it would definitely recommend

that this be in your top list.

If you’re looking for
strong affiliate programs

that have a high payout.

The affiliate program, number two is Amazon.

shop 1908580 1920

Amazon does not offer
recurring commissions

and Amazon commissions
are between 1% and 10%

depending on the product category and

worse than that, it is a 24-hour cookie.

That’s it, so why do I recommend Amazon?

There are two reasons, one,

if somebody uses your Amazon link,

anything they purchase
within that 24 hour period

is actually counted
toward your commissions.

So that can actually be really
useful if people are doing

impulse buying that can add up
for you, the other thing is,

I think what’s underrated with
Amazon and I’ve done videos

talking about the best tactics for this

is that they offer bounty commissions

where they pay you a flat rate

for people signing up for free trial

of things like audible and Kindle,

as well as Amazon on prime
with audible, for example,

if any of you wanted
to buy two audio books,

you could pay $0 and you could sign up for

a free audible trial,

you can actually use mine
in the link down below.

When you sign up for that,

you’re gonna get two audio books

and you keep them forever.

Even if you cancel audible

before you start paying
the $15 a month for it.

And so that is how the
commission structure works.

You can offer something that’s free

that costs your audience $0
because they incentivize it.

To do business model for them.

And you would get a $5 bounty on audible

and they have different ones

for Amazon prime for deliveries.

So someone can get 30 days of
prime, two day free shipping,

and that could actually save
them some money, and again,

if they sign up for these free
trials, you get a commission,

you get a bounty, so between
the fact that in 24 hours,

the add to cart, they
just pile up and pile up

and you could get really
good commissions off of that.

You also have these bounty programs.

And that’s why I think that Amazon

deserves to be on the list
for top 10 affiliate programs.

Number three is Bluehost,

39 396716 bluehost logo graphic design
Bluehost is a web hosting company.

So it’s for anybody who wants
to start a WordPress blog

or to build their own website.

It’s one of the website
builders that I recommend.

And one of the hosting
companies I recommend

and our audience does actually
get a significant discount.

If you want to use our affiliate link

to start your own website
and do affiliate marketing.

But my pitch on that aside,

they offer $65 commissions at the start.

And as you progress,

you can actually go to
higher and higher tiers.

So that is the first
set of good news here.

Second set of good news is there is a $45

cookie window here, so again,

someone clicks on it that link,

even if they decide to buy 45 days is out,

you are credited for that commission.

And so these are not
recurring commissions.

There are web hosting
companies that offer those,

but the initial bounty commission.

And the fact that you can
move up in your tiering

makes this so attractive that

I think I have to recommend to you.

And I think that when you look at all

the web hosting companies out there,

all of them have, have good reviews.

All of them have bad reviews,

but if you look at it
from the perspective of,

if you’re here in the
US and you’re looking to

offer somebody the opportunity
to have US customer service,

then Bluehost makes a
lot of sense in terms

of a web hosting affiliate partner.

Affiliate program number four is Fiverr.

kisspng fiverr logo freelancer entrepreneurship online mar 5adc4468a88c18.6499952815243848726904

Now I know I’ve made harsh
videos four or five years ago

about Fiverr,

but the platform and
the program has changed

over the last four or five years,

I still have positives
and negatives about it.

I have no shortage of
things I can complain about

when it comes to any of
that online platform.

And that being said,

we’ve actually used it to outsource

some really menial tasks.

So, you know, my team team, Roberto,

we have used people on
Fiverr and on Upwork before.

The reason that I think the
Fiverr affiliate program

could be good for a lot of you

is because there’s a lot of things

I didn’t even know about
this affiliate program,

because I haven’t recommended
it that way in the past.

I’ve just told people how to
become freelancers on Fiverr

and how to hire people on Fiverr.

I didn’t even actually
consider the affiliate program.

And the thing about that is this,

if you know anybody that is
trying to outsource task,

and this is actually
especially lucrative for like,

if you know, people who are
content creators on YouTube

or streamers on Twitch, and
they need some custom work done.

If you actually refer people on Fiverr,

you get a $10 bounty plus a 10% rev share

with the Fiverr hybrid program.

So that’s actually really beneficial.

And if you know, people
who are trying to become

freelancers, if they go through any

of the five or learn courses,

you get a 30% commission on that.

And then they have the Fiverr Pro tier.

And with the Fiverr Pro tier
you could be looking at,

I believe, 10 to $50 bounties.

If anybody decides to hire
someone on Fiverr Pro,

just depending on the price that you know,

we’re talking about for
contracting their services.

So since they have a variety of offerings

that you can get commissions on with that,

I think it’s actually a
pretty strong program.

And so I’m definitely going to
recommend you look into that

as for Fiverr, it does
have a 30 day cookie.

So if somebody decides to look at,

outsourcing or learn to be
a freelancer in the usual

Fiverr affiliate link, then
you get those bounties,

even if they do it within
30 days of clicking.

So definitely worth looking into.

Affiliate marketing program number five is ConvertKit

convertkit stacked

ConvertKit is
an email marketing software

it’s software as a service.

And you know what that
means recurring affiliate

commissions, recurring affiliate
commissions in perpetuity.

I love that so much because it’s, again,

truly automated at that point.

Once you make the sale, then
the income keeps generating

coming in and the good news with this is

with email marketing, when
somebody’s email list grows,

the amount of money they
spend on that email list

also grows, which means
this is one of the few

affiliate programs that has
recurring commissions, but also

has a scalable upside
and so with this one,

I actually use ConvertKit
for my email marketing for

the awesome squad newsletter.

I actually use it for the
email marketing in my business

with Austin Creator Academy.

And so I can tell you from experience,

the automation side of ConvertKit

makes it worth it to anybody who buys it.

My good friend, Pat Flynn
from smart passive income

actually is the one who put me on to this.

And I was using MailChimp
before that great software

with a free tier,

but ConvertKit recently
just started offering

a free tier as well and they
kind of used a drop box model,

where if you refer people, then you get,

you know, higher levels while
still within that free tier.

So this is actually something
that I think is very powerful

for you guys in terms of being
able to generate, you know,

close to truly passive income
with recurring commissions.

If you know anybody who’s
in the online business space

or needs to start a newsletter,

getting them onto ConvertKit,

even the free version of
ConvertKit can be powerful because

if they convert, you know, pun intended

over from the free version
to the paid version,

you still get credit for those commissions

ConvertKit has a 30 day cookie
and it starts at $29 a month

for the paid version, so again,

if people get in on the free version,

not even a free trial, just
the free version of ConvertKit,

and then they move over
to the paid version

and as their list grows, the
income and that 30% also grows.

So again, this definitely has
earned its place in my top 10,

when it comes to affiliate
marketing programs.

The affiliate marketing program,
number six is Kajabi,


which I actually use for my business.

Awesome Creator Academy,
Kajabi has been great.

I’ve been using it since summer of 2017,

and we’ve actually done about roughly

a quarter million in sales since then.

So I’m really happy with it.

Kajabi is for coaching
courses and membership sites,

and it’s probably the all in one platform.

There are a lot of these different
platforms like Teachable,

but Kajabi is the closest to being like an

all in one inclusive.

And that’s why it’s also a
little bit more expensive.

The good news for you is that
that means the 30% recurring

commissions are worth a little bit more.

Someone going into the lowest
tier on Kajabi would resent

would represent about $45 a month

recurring commission for you.

And if they ever upgrade, of
course, that number increases.

So this is probably one of
the better recurring affiliate

programs that exist right now.

Kajabi is another program
that has a 30 day window

in terms of the cookie,

but also has another bonus
that I have to tell you about

that separates it from everyone else.

Pretty much for roughly every 50 plus

I believe it’s 50 and then
I’m a hundred and so on

for all of these different tiers.

You actually get a $500 a month bonus.

And what that means is,
if you signed up 50 people

under you as an active Kajabi affiliate,

as long as there are
50 active Kajabi users

who have signed up using
your affiliate link

and they remain using Kajabi as a service,

you would get a bonus of $500 a month,

extra on top of your
regular 30% affiliate sales.

If you go to a hundred people a month,

they give you another $500 a month bonus.

So at that point, you could
see how this is one of the best

affiliate programs out there right now.

If you are in the space of helping people

build online businesses,

this is really powerful and I
definitely can recommend them.

And if you are trying to
build your online business,

obviously you can use my Kajabi link

in the description down below

and move me slightly
closer to my $500 bonus.

The Tesla awaits, and
again, these are jokes.

I’m kind of making fun of
make money online stuff,

because God help us if we lose
our sense of humor in 2020.

Affiliate program, number seven is Wix.

png transparent wix com web application livechat email miscellaneous text logo

Wix is a direct competitor of Squarespace.

They are one of the online
website building tools

that are for people
who are non-tech savvy.

And I think it’s actually
important to mention them.

I actually have had friends, family,

and clients who have used
both Wix and Squarespace.

Wix, obviously as the better
affiliate program of the two.

But there are people who
just have a preference.

A primary example is that
one of my cousins actually

likes using Squarespace.

You know, he does some stuff with music

and that’s what he uses, but
my sister actually prefers Wix.

She didn’t like using
Squarespace and she thought

it was too complicated for her.

I feel like they’re about the same,

but people have their
preferences with these.

And so if you know somebody
that is non-tech savvy,

but also wants to build a website,

maybe somebody who’s a
content creator, for example,

or somebody that’s a little bit older

than I would definitely recommend Wix

as something that you
could steer them toward.

Wix also has a $100 bounty commission.

So it’s flat rate for their
you know premium websites.

Here is the funny thing though.

I still have to confirm this,

but I believe that with
their free websites,

if somebody converts to the premium

and they signed up with your
link, you still get that.

I have to confirm that,

but I believe that that’s
the way that that works.

So even if they sign up and
they get a free Wix website,

if they go to premium,

I believe that you actually still get

the commission for that.

Now, the other thing that you need to know

about Wix is you do need
to know about the cookies.

Wix, like most of these programs
has a 30 day cookie window.

And when it comes to web hosting,

that’s what you should expect.

Like I said, Bluehosts as a 45 day window.

So if you’re doing a web hosting Roundup,

you should probably know which ones have,

you know, longer and
shorter cookie windows.

‘Cause I think that’d be important to you,

but here’s something else you need to know

is about their payout
commission structures.

Theirs actually has a ceiling
before you can get paid out.

It has to be hundred dollars

that you’ve earned in commissions before

you can be paid out and
that does roll over.

So don’t worry, they’re not
keeping your money from you.

Whenever you hit $300, you
will be able to be paid out.

And so you need to know
that before you start

doing this affiliate program,

if you’re expecting to just be
able to cash out on the first

$100, it does not work that way.

It’s not YouTube where they
do it at a hundred dollars.

It’s 300, so I thought
it was just important

that you know that in the details.

Affiliate program, number eight is SEMrush.

download 1

A lot of you have probably
never heard of this.

This is something that
actually used to use.

When I’ve worked as an
internet marketer at a company,

we actually still use it
for my business today.

And a lot of my clients use it.

I recommend this to a lot of
my business coaching clients,

because it’s one of the
most powerful SEO tools

that has pretty much ever existed.

And the good news for you
as affiliate marketers

is that it has 40% commissions.

That’s right, it has 40% commissions.

And it has one other little absurd thing

that I don’t know how they do it.

I don’t even know if this is like,

I don’t even know if this
is accurate, but like,

I don’t know how they do this.

SEMrush says that they have,
some absurd 10 year cookies.

And I don’t know how

you do that, I don’t understand it.

I’m just quoting you what the
information says in my notes.

And what’s on their website
here and so a 10 year cookie,

there you go, but 40% commissions
and it is an SEO tool.

I recommend that with a lot
of these tools, by the way,

if I haven’t said this up front before

recommend tools that you actually use

and that you have familiarity with

and that you think are valuable

to your audience, to your
clients, to your customers,

don’t do something just because it has

a really great commission structure to it.

I think that that should
go without saying,

but I’ve seen too many videos where people

don’t call that out and so

there you go do it the right way.

I’ve got to do a whole video about that.

Let’s do a video on 10
affiliate marketing mistakes,

and that’s probably gonna
be like the first one

that we go with, but yeah,
check out SEMrush and see

if it’s something that you
can honestly recommend.

And if you like using it.

Affiliate marketing program, number nine is Sellfy,

download 1

Sellfy actually is really
good for digital downloads.

My friend, Peter McKinnon
uses it to actually sell

his sound effects, packs his
lets presets for photographers

and some of his other presets
for Adobe Premiere editors.

Like I said, they have a 90
day cookie, which is awesome.

And so definitely worth
while if you know anybody

that makes digital assets,

just like some of our
other affiliate programs,

including SEMrush, they
have a recurring commission.

I’m not sure if I told you
guys that the 40% on SEMrush

is recurring Sellfy has a
25% recurring commission.

And so I think that this is another

of these really good options,

but the good news with Sellfy
is it’s very affordable.

It’s very low barrier to entry.

And so this is something I’m trying to get

more content creators to do.

In addition to things
like selling merchandise

with Teespring content
creators could benefit

by selling directly to their audience.

And so if you can recommend Sellfy

to some people that, you know,

in that situation that
wanna sell digital downloads

templates, things like that,

then it can be really practical.

It can fit within their
budget and it can help them

start making a little bit more money.

And so that’s why I recommended it.

And then with the recurring
commission structure,

I think that’s definitely a
win and it’s earned its place

on this list.

And so finally last and
definitely not least

the affiliate marketing program, number 10, TubeBuddy

tubebuddy logo 11563060452muyiwzvdsv

the one that I’ve been
the most successful with

is TubeBuddy, TubeBuddy,
for those of you don’t know,

is a YouTube browser plugin.

It’s a Chrome plugin that actually helps

not only with YouTube SEO,

but productivity and a
lot of other great tools

that just save content creators time.

I don’t know if you guys know this,

but literally for most content creators,

maybe not for my style of content,

but for most content creators,

they put over an hour into
every minute of footage

that you see on a YouTube video.

Again, people who don’t
make the style of content

that I make that being said TubeBuddy,

is something I’ve been
using and recommending

for the last four years
and as an affiliate,

I’ve done about a quarter-million dollars

in affiliate commission sales with them.

I am a super affiliate
earning a 50% commission

and they have this really great structure

that allows you to earn
30, 40, and 50% commissions

through TubeBuddy.

And there are a lot of
details here to break down

that made me a successful affiliate.

In fact, I’ll be doing a dedicated video

specifically about how I
managed to accomplish this

and why a TubeBuddy is a great partner

and why I’ve been pretty much averaging

5,000 to $6,000 a month
in recurring commissions

every month as a TubeBuddy affiliate.

And I see that only going
further in the future.

So TubeBuddy’s commission starts at 30%

recurring lifetime commissions,

as long as somebody is using TubeBuddy.

And if you get 50 people
to install, not even buy,

but install even the free
version of TubeBuddy,

you get bumped up to a VIP affiliate,

earning 40% recurring commissions.

Then if you get 250 people to
sign up and install TubeBuddy,

again, even the free version,

then you get to move into
being a super affiliate like me

and earning 50% commissions
TubeBuddy is mad affordable.

Most of the plans at the
beginning are under $10 a month.

And then of course, they go up

and it’s affordable and
accessible for content creators.

And so one of the things
that I really like about

is it’s a company that is
for creators and by creators,

and they’re really part of the community.

And that makes it very
easy to recommend them.

And with the free tier,

people are able to try it
out and they’re able to see

what they like about it, now, again,

this is one of the only ones on this list

where I don’t know how
long the cookie lasts,

but the good news is
that if you get anyone

to sign up for the free tier of TubeBuddy,

when they do go to the paid tier,

you do get those
commissions for the lifetime

of their account.

And for the most part,
people who use TubeBuddy,

don’t leave TubeBuddy in general,

this is true with software as a service,

which is why software as a
service recurring affiliate

programs are so powerful and
are really the closest thing

that I think we’ll see to truly
passive income outside of,

you know, automated traffic
through online paid advertising,

where it’s a pay your way in appliance.

I think in terms of something
that’s reasonable that,

you know, recurring affiliate
commissions through software,

as a service through
evergreen content is justified

in being able to call passive income

or what I call automated income.

Like I keep telling people,

making money in your sleep
doesn’t happen overnight

and you have to come by earnestly

and you have to come by it honestly.

And it’s gonna take you
front-loading work and effort.

I didn’t get to go from
making $6 an hour at the mall

to then being in my thirties

and being able to make six figures a year.

I didn’t have that journey over night.

It was a long and arduous
process, the required sacrifices.

And I did it by being, I
am not the humble brag,

but tougher than tough
and smarter than smart.

And I did it all square okay.

So when it comes down to
it, if you want to do this,

you have to figure out
how to do it the right way

and in the right order.

And it’s my hope that my
content is showing you

a realistic way to approach this.

I also don’t think that
just what works for me

is going to necessarily
work for everybody.

And that’s why eventually one
of the things I’d like to do

is explore bringing
people onto the channel

that have different perspectives

and have different experiences from mine

that can help you guys.

So if there’s somebody that
you wanna recommend for that,

let me know in the comment section.

Question of the day, which
of the affiliate programs

that I mentioned today is
the most interesting to you,

which ones you gotta try out,

let me know in the comments
and just a quick reminder,

everything I mentioned
is linked down below,

and those are my affiliate
links properly disclosed.

Hey, FTC, how’s it going?

And so, yeah,

you guys can check those out and obviously

any of those that you click on,

if you decide to buy anything,
helps support the content.

All without buying a
thousand dollar course

anyway, like this video, if you like it,

don’t forget to subscribe again.

Those are just jokes.

I’m not picking on
anybody who sells courses

as always, you guys, thanks
so very much for watching

and don’t forget, go out there

and create something awesome today.

Take care.



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