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Risk Factors for Kidney Cancer and Precautions

Risk Factors for Kidney cancer

High blood pressure, heart disease, family history of Kidney Cancer, obesity, smoking, use of drugs that damage the kidneys, congenital Kidney Cancer, people over age 60, etc… Kidney Cancer is one of the risk factors.

Kidney cancer

Precautions Kidney cancer

One of the risk factors for Kidney Cancer is diabetes and high blood pressure. Therefore, people who suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure for a long period of time are obligated to manage their lifestyle and take their medications as prescribed by their doctor on a regular basis to keep their diabetes and high blood pressure under control.

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It is necessary to engage in regular physical activity and quickly lose excess weight. For smokers, smoking can be one of the reasons for quitting. Avoid the habit of consuming too much salt in your food. Care should be taken to keep blood cholesterol levels at normal levels at all times. Eat more vegetables and fruits every day. However, Kidney Cancer patients should not eat the fruit without consulting their doctor. Regular medication and regular checkups are essential for patients with Kidney Cancer. Thanks



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