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What do you think about the fact that meat is harmful and vegetables are beneficial?

Meat means harm and harm, vegetables mean benefit and benefit, is a matter so simple, that we should think about it.

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The most important question we should ask is whether, and if so, how much, people who don’t smoke, don’t eat sugar, don’t eat refined carbohydrates and refined oils, exercise regularly, and take the necessary supplements have a higher rate of heart disease than others. And more about how and why.

If we study such a sample population and contrast it with another sample of our population, we may get an idea of ​​what the results might be.
First, the study must be a cohort study. A case-control study is not possible to obtain the desired results of this study.

Fortunately, there is such a cohort study.

Here researchers have used 11 thousand of people as subjects. 57 percent of them are omnivores, meaning they eat all meat and vegetables, and 43 percent are vegetarians. Both groups were healthy.

The researchers found that death rates were halved in both groups compared to those on a traditional Western, processed food-based diet. The researchers concluded that there was no additional benefit for vegetarians, whereas meat eaters had no increased heart disease/cancer risk.

Another study by the American National Institutes of Health (AARP Diet and Health Study) found that those who ate meat were relatively sick and those who ate the most meat were very sick.

But many other co-factors were ignored while drawing the conclusions of this study. It was found that those who ate meat here smoked more cigarettes, and their weight was higher since the beginning of the study. Their daily calorie consumption was on average 800 calories more than normal. They did not exercise and ate more sugar than usual. Many of them had a habit of drinking. They had less habit of taking necessary supplements.

But these issues do not make headlines In the headlines, people who eat more meat are more likely to get sick or have an increased risk of heart disease or cancer.

At the end of the day, the meat is to blame.

Again, the meat people eat in most meat studies is factory-farmed meat, abbreviated as cafo, confined animal feeding operations. Industrially raised cows are fed steroids, urea, antibiotics, and pesticides all at a so-called “non-harmful” level, and fed lots of corn, wheat, and soybeans to fatten them up quickly. Corn, wheat, and soybeans are again genetically modified. As it turns out, most of the studies are on people eating this cafe meat, but not on people eating grass-fed meat or at least hormone-antibiotic-free pasture-raised/free-range meat.

So what results can be expected from these studies?


For these reasons, red meat or Reddit has gradually turned from corporate media headlines to public enemies and social mores.

One force even wants people around the world to stop raising cattle. Animal husbandry at the private level has been made increasingly problematic over the past fifty years by implementing policies, as populations have grown. As a result, the ratio of healthy meat versus unhealthy meat has also increased a lot.

Coming days, these unhealthy meats may also be removed from the market. The era of synthetic meat will come. The market of these meats will be controlled by some global ruling corporations, whose names I will not mention here.

This is how food propaganda works.

Read articles by Gary Tobes, Robert Lustig, and Nina Teicholz. You will understand that the evil claws of non-politics are often hidden under the veneer of science.



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