I will try my best to find all of these items on Aliexpress and give you the link down belowBut keep in mind that these things can be a little bit different like, if I can’t find the exact same thing I will put the link to something that’s really similar and I hope the lighting is good because my camera is not a that good quality for dark places and weather outside is cloudy plus my apartment is covered by another apartment so I have basically no sunshine in here…

I live in a pretty dark place but okay, let’s start this haulFirst I’m gonna show you things that I like and then I’m gonna show you things that I don’t really like these are other from my expectations first thing that I want to show you is this microphone paid like few dollars, I don’t remember exactly now but it was really really cheap I noticed that audio from this microphone is really good,

I was surprised actually wanted to cancel that order because I was like “oh god what did I do, what’s if it’s not gonna work” I’m gonna waste a few dollars that I could spend on earrings or something but it was too late to cancel this order and I’m really happy with this because when it came I was sure it’s not gonna work at all but you can see it’s working really really well so yeah that’s success this dress is like baby blue, stretchy dress with straps like that I like the fact that this dress is really stretchy,

I think it’s one size I’ll put the price here. The thing I like in this dress is the little ruffles that you can see here and on the edge of the skirt but I have one problem with this dress. Maybe it’s not too short but when I’m walking it’s rolling up a lot, I mean maybe not a lot, you can’t still see my butt but because of this it feels like my butt is uncovered when I’m walking it’s rolling up a little bit and I have to check every minute if it’s not rolling too much know how to fix this problem,

these straps are adjustable as you can see here but these are still too short, I don’t know why they decided to go so short I think I’ll just buy fabric that’s pretty similar to this and I will make the straps longer so then this dress doesn’t roll up that much don’t know if you know what I mean but yeah, I can fix that wore this dress already, a loot and I really like, I love the color, it’s super pretty like baby blueNext dress which I also really really likes this black velvet dress, it’s not that short, I think it’s a pretty good length but you can see that this dress has a cut here on the legs original cut was little too big,

I wanna wear this dress often, I wanna wear it outside for every day had to make the cut shorter like 2 cm, I don’t know if you can see the stitches because it’s black originally it was nice for photos because it made my leg look longer but this is good too I’m the kind of person who wears dresses like this for every day so I got it in size small,

I will give you my measurements in the description box so you can check it if you want to buy a dress and you’re not sure about measurements have problem with buying clothes, usually, they are too tight for me in my chest area, too big in my waist and perfect in my hips this dress is like that, it’s perfect in my hips, too big for my waist and it’s way too tight around my shoulders and chest’s not like I can’t put this dress on because I can put this dress on but I can’t,

I mean I CAN but I’m struggling with putting this dress on and taking it off (no zipper 🙁 )so yeah keep that in mind that this part is really tight and it’s not stretch next thing that I want to show you is skirted I got this skirt pretty much two years ago and of course it was too big for me in the waist so I had to make stitches like that, you can see it hereThe thing I don’t like about this skirt that it’s short,

I mean it’s not a big problem for me because I don’t have a problem with wearing short skirts because I’m used to that and I’m always wearing safety shorts underneath and in Korea it’s not that bad to wear short dresses has safety shorts underneath but these are such a poor quality honestly I wish these shorts were a little better quality because these are actually see through like you can see this is really really cheap fabric,

it’s not a good quality but you can wear other shorts underneath and just cut this off because it’s not that necessary you know but yeah I really like the design, it’s asymmetrical, it kinda gives me these girl vibes you know I’m not girl but sometimes I like to dress like that next thing that I’m going to show you are blouse next one is a crop top, it’s pretty original I would say, I also got it around two years ago so I’m not sure if I can find it, if I can’t find the exact same one,

I will give you link to a similar one because I saw similar ones tooThis is like crop top with long sleeves, and the fabric is kinda see through maybe you can see IDK if you can see it but it’s not a thick material, it’s actually really good fr summer wore it on summer and it wasn’t that hotI always pair this one with the skirt I showed you before, of course waist is also too big for me but I always forget to adjust that, I always forget to make it smaller and also I don’t like one part like I complained about this dress,

straps were too short but in this case, straps are too long for me when I wear it it doesn’t look really flattering on mei feel like these were a little bit shorter it could look nicer because sometimes straps are falling down from my shoulders and it doesn’t really look good yeah, I’m too lazy, since two years I’m telling myself that I’ll do that but I just can’t fix that, because I’m too lazy or something also really like the detail on the sleeve, it’s a cute ribbon, wait I have to tie it because actually you have to tie it,

it’s good to have someone who can help you because it’s really hard to tie this ribbon while wearing itthis is really cute, I really like it, this is also a cut in the sleeve, IDK if you can see that this one is actually a bodysuit, it’s really cute, like I love this one of the best tops I ordered from AliexpressYou have these small little buttons here so you can tuck this in pants and it’s not gonna leave these weird lumps inside like you an always see when you’re wearing some kind of t-shirt underneath and yeah this is also asymmetrical, the fabric feels like a swimsuit,

it’s kinda thin but it’s not seen through was really really surprised because this fabric may seem like a swimsuit but it’s actually really comfortable and it looks really good on my bodyi don’t know how is this possible this tulle is also really great, I like that fact that it keeps it shape like it’s not falling down, it’s still in shape when i wear itYeah I really like this bodysuit I think it was free size too but, of course, I had to adjust this bodysuit by myself to my body typeI have a sewing machine but I know some of you don’t have that so keep in mind that when this bodysuit came it wasn’t that tight on me,

like I had to adjust that here maybe you can see itit’s not made professionally because i was using old sewing machine but you can see it herei made some little stitches and i cut some fabric so it’s tighter on next one is also a crop top, I actually found a similar one on Aliexpress it’s not the same one, I noticed that strap around waist is little bit shorter mine is little bit longer, I love it, it’s really really cute,

look at that love the strap here, it sits really nice around my waist and I just feel really cute in that I like the flare sleeve, I like v neck, V neck for someone, this part, can be a little bit too exposingBut for me it’s okay, I don’t really mind, maybe not everyone likes that but you know, I don’t really mind think it looks really nice on my body and this is size medium don’t know why all the time I thought it’s size small but this is size mediumOkay,

The next things are actually workout clothes I was thinking about buying workout clothes in a department store but honestly when i saw this on aliexpress i fell in love immediately because this one gives me that Kim Possible vibes when I wear that I kinda feel of like Kim Possible and it feels like I’m going to some kind of secret mission if you know what i mean actually I’m not the only one who said that,

my best friend also said that and I didn’t even tell her that I thought about the same thing but we’re like twins, we’re like sisters so we think the same these are the leggings here, there were two colors: black and green and white and pink but like I said before, black and green gave me that Kim Possible vibes and I don’t know it just looks so nice, I mean son’t get me wrong that white and pink was really cute too but this one…

it’s just so Kim PossibleI got it in size small, I was kinda afraid that it will be too small for mebut it’s really elastic, I like this kind of material for exercising here, really elastic and I was surprised because it’s not too short for me I’m 173cm tall and most of the pants that I buy are just too short for me and these are actually the really good length and this is the top, it’s kind of turtleneck with a zipper in the front has really nice sleeves and the thing I really like about this top when I pull my hand inside it’s like that,

it’s so nice to be honest I washed these leggings and this top few times already and the material feels the same. like it cameIt doesn’t really break which I’m really happy about because it wasn’t that cheap for meThe last thing from clothes I really likeIs this leather blazer, I’m actually going to wear that today with my leather pants really like it, the tag was really interesting, you can see it here,

I think you already know what it is and actually I found the same one on Zara collection like it’s crazy because this one is from Aliexpress and it was probably way cheaper than Zara, I’ll put the picture hereThis the jacket has pockets, really big pockets, it’s really big plus I don’t really care, this is really good quality, and it was kinda cheap for leather blazers ordered this few weeks ago because I really wanted to have leather blazer for my leather pants today I’m gonna wear that,

I’m really excited actually it’s really big, this is size small and it looks oversized on meI know that there is also an extra small but you have to check the measurements on the website took small because I saw that people said that it’s an oversize jacket so i decided to go with small I’m gonna show you two things that I don’t like, I wasn’t expected them to be so bad quality was having a high expectations for these let’s start simple,

these are just basic black shorts washes them already and I have to say that after I washed them they became little faded like it’d not the same black like it was beforeI washed them because I noticed that after I wore these I had black stains on my body like the dye is dying my body black. So I decided to wash it and i thought it will help but i didn’t actually make it worse don’t know if it’s visible but trust me it was really black before and now it’s just faded,

it looks like I had these for one year and honestly, I didn’t wear it too much problem I have with these pants, they are really nice like I really wanted to have basic black short side maybe it’s problem with the zipper, these shorts make my belly look bloated different clothing it looks fine but in these,

i don’t know. maybe it’s problem with the zipper or buttons wear these usually underneath a long shirt, kind of dress t-shirt and I just don’t want to flash anybody on the stairs I’m usually wearing these it’s not like I don’t like them because these are pretty useful for me but i just didn’t expect them to be such a bad quality next thing that I don’t really like the dress, maybe you know these silky dresses with that cute neckline color is so cute it’s like minty blue really love it but this doesn’t look flattering on my bodyI don’t know who made that,

in waist, it’s way too big for me when I wear it I look like I’m wearing a trash bag that’s this color.I think its polyester satin know that there are dresses of this kind that can look really expensive you can make a really expensive looking dress using this fabric but this one looks like pajamas now let’s move to the shoes first I want to show you shoes that I hateDon’t get me wrong these shoes are really pretty, I had shoes like this before but i had to buy a new one because the other pair I got from a shop called Stradivarius had them for like 3 years and they were already broken so I decided to buy a new one from Aliexpressbut…

I don’t know if you can see it here worn them like maybe 4 times and I live in a city I’m not walking on stones, I’m not hiking too much;m just walk on a nice road I don’t know when they became so broken like look at that you see it, is it even possible to fix that I really don’t know what can I do about these, I mean these were so pretty and look at the inside what happened on the inside, can you see that, is it normal, it shouldn’t be like this after 4-5 times of wearing will give you this link just so you can be careful about theseThe next pair of shoes I’m going to show you,

these I really like, these are kinda similar to the other ones these ARE THE SAME BRANDHow is it possibleWhatHow is it possible that these are the same brand mean these shoes are such a good quality wore these like 5 times too but these look like new still, these look really nice so why these look like thatThis is the same brand it supposed to be sameWhat’s wrong with you AliexpressI have to check if I got it from the same seller, I don’t think soI ordered them at the same time but I think it was different seller what’s wrong I’ll leave you to link in the description for these shoes because these are really nice,

I’m really surprised by the quality actually heels in these are a little bit higher than the black ones I got these in size 42, I think it’s Chinese 40, in European size I usually wear 39/40My feet size is 255-260mmI recommend you check the size chart before ordering it because Chinese sizes are little trickyI’m just going to throw these away if I can’t fix them I’ll try to fix that because I don’t like throwing clothes away wish I don’t have to do that but we will see maybe if i can fix it it will be better but i think it’s impossible we will see next shoes that I got from Aliexpress were little bit more expensive was actually thinking if I should buy these or not always wanted to have high knee boots like that but without any string at the top because I always had a problem with this kind of shoes,

they were always falling down from my leg when I was walking I always had to watch them and just pull them up really love them, These are perfect for winter and autumn look at the heel it’s so pretty love the design, there is a zipper here but I there’s no strap on the top which I really like because when I pull these on the sock is really elastic and it holds to my leg really well, it’s not falling down was really surprised buy there, I’m not sure about the company where is the brand…

No, there is no brand name… Got inside I can just feel that soft fabric, it’s really good for winter don’t know if you can see this fabric here but it’s really soft, really cozy and warm there is no brand hope these are not going to break soon because I would be really sad if you liked this video please let me know because I have so many clothes from places like Hongdae, Gotomall, Gangnam, places like these small Korean clothing shops from underground shopping malls



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