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Hand Painted purple Butterfly Nail Art Design

 purple Butterfly Nail Art Design

purple Butterfly Nail

Hi everybody, I’m going to show you how to do a butterfly. A butterfly. Adam Chicken. It’s not a chicken, purple Butterfly Nail. It’s going to be a butterfly. We’re going to do it Aquarelle style. Now, I’m going to use this gorgeous new color, this is from the pastel range. This is Lavender Breeze. So, it’s a gorgeous pale lavender. Really pigmented.

Going to do two coats of this color, nice and thin. Two nice and thin coats that’s gone last longer. So, you always needed to paint your gel polishes nice and thin. If this was a natural nail, I’d be doing it on the top of the Urban Graffiti Base Coat but because I’m working on a tip, I can go straight onto that.

We have slightly buffed the tip, so it adheres really well. So, once that’s after the lamp and it’s cured, I am going to topcoat it. You’re better top coating it and then buffing the surface. Yeah, instead of taking off the sticky layer, just apply the top coat and then buff it to do your Aquarelle. So, cure that. So, now that’s out the lamp, purple Butterfly Nail .

I’m going to buff. And I’m doing this because when we actually do the paint work with the aquarelle technique, it will adhere really well. If you work on a shiny surface, it doesn’t work so well. I’ve got a little tray with a damped sponge in and that’s what I’m going to put my paints on.

I’m going to use Emerald Green and then we’ve got Magenta. I’ve got some backing paper from a Sculpting Form. So, we need some water because what we’re going to do is water down these paints. We want a little bit of paint and lots of water. Now, you see what it’s doing on the backing paper because it’s shiny, so it shrinks back.

purple Butterfly Nail

That’s what would happen if you did it on a shiny surface on the nail. So, you see how it doesn’t work so well? What I’m going to do, with the liquid on my brush, I’ll move it out into a wing shape and then tickle it to the middle. And you see how we’ve got more paint here. Because we’ve got more paint towards this part, it’ll go a little bit darker.

Gonne do the same again here. So, move it round where you want it. Pull it in. And you see how quick it dries. Now, this is nearly dry now. We’d do the same here, slightly different shaped wing. And as it dries, it gives you like a hard border, so you can see the color at the edges. They appear to be really strong. Did you see how that move down here? So, I’ve just tipped the finger just so it runs into the center a little bit more.

Don’t worry too much about it, you want it to be quite inconsistent really. We want it look like a watercolor painting. So, push it out into the shape you want and then tickle it into the middle. And if you have too much like we don’t like that, you can dry brush off and drain off any of the excess, so it’ll absorb into the brush. Now, we’re going to overlap some colors, so…

purple Butterfly Nail

I say some colors, we’re going to overlap this green. So, we’re going to mix that, make it really watery just like we did with the pink. And we’re going to overlap and create like another wing shape or a different shape overlapping. You want to keep it really soft. You can only do this over dry acrylic paint. So because I’m afraid I don’t want to touch this because it’s still wet, I’m gone work down here now. So, pushing it out into the shape that I want.

I love the effect that you get when you overlap the colors. And if you’re doing this, you always need to think about the colors that you’re actually going to use to overlap. You don’t want to create like a muddy effect. So, I knew that when I overlap these colors, it’ll do slightly purple in places. Goanna do the same here. Can you see how I’m just rubbing it round, moving it about? While they’re drying, I’m going to use the paints, I’m not gone water it down as much.

Gonne use a slightly finer brush and we can do some more little curves just to add something more to the design. When I do these little curves, I want to have a bulbous end and then a thin tip here. So, where you start will be your thickest part and as you come down, it will go thinner. You do that by… create that by the pressure of your brush.

purple butterfly nails

So, when I place the brush down at first, I’m pressing harder. So, I’ll show you here. So, I press and as I move, I’ve changed the angle of my brush and there’s less pressure and I use the very point.

And for its body, I’m going to use SAP Green, which is a nice dark green. I didn’t want to use black, I wanted to use a color, so it’s a dark green. And you need to dry! Please dry! Gonad add a little bit of water to that polyculture paint, just so it goes on a lot smoother. We’re gonad do the head of the body and then we’re going to do the length of the body just like that. And we can’t forget the antennae because if I do, Adam tells me off.


I was like… Adam You didn’t do them on the other one. I know I didn’t but wasn’t gone be wearable. This’ll be wearable. I’m Gonne water this down a little bit more, so I can get a fine line. Then using that same color, that green, just going to add a little random dots where our little lines, a little swirly curved lines are. It’ll just add a little bit more detail and interest to the purple Butterfly Nail. And then with that same green, water it down a little bit.

purple Butterfly Nail

Going to add some tiny little dots, really random, different sizes. Adam so, what kind of butterfly is this? This is like a butterfly that looks like a flower. Flowery! Adam Flowery! It’s a flowery. Adam I certainly might learn something, you know, maybe if we were looking at butterflies the other day. Adam I didn’t learn anything. I don’t do things that exist. I do mythical creatures. Right! So, what I’m gone do now is …topcoat. I wane make sure we’re all dry. So, when you look at it,

you’ll see if any of it is shiny. I think I’ve knocked out dot there, it’s not a solid. So, if any of the paint is shiny, then it’s still wet. So, I’ve just put those two little dots on there and they are still a little tiny bit shiny. So, I need to make sure they’re matte.

Once everything’s matte, we can topcoat. Let’s put that in the lamp. They’re so pretty! I don’t even think it needs any bling! It’s that gorgeous! There you are, guys. It’s another cool thing we can do with Aquarelle. I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog.



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