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Do AG Hair Care Products Work on Natural Hair

AG Hair Care

Hello friends, this is Kaya aka Buynowx and welcome back to my site. So today is wash day. I’ve had this twist out going for about a week and a half now and I ordered some new AG Hair care products, so I thought I could unbox them on blog and share my thoughts with you guys. It says fragile. So I ended up with a coupon code to AG Hair care.

AG Hair Care


I’ve only tried one of their products before and that was their hair mask that had snow mushroom in it I believe. And my hair absolutely loved it. So when I had the opportunity to order more of their products I went a little bit crazy. So when I placed my order I had a couple different AG Hair care concerns in mind, and that was a getting some serious moisture into these curls as well as just strengthening and repair. I have high porosity hair.

I know how to take care of my AG Hair carebut I’m not the best at following my own advice so I manipulate it a lot. I skip wash days and in general I’m just not moisturizing it as much as I should be. So first I’ve got their Extra Moist Shampoo. I hate the word moist. I find it interesting that this says no salt and no gluten. I don’t really hear much about, you know, the negative effects of salt or gluten on hair so that’s something I’m going to do some more research in, but cool. So next I’ve got the Ultra Moist Conditioner. So the shampoo is extra moist and the conditioner is ultra moist, same sort of thing here,

rehydrates, revitalizes, restores, and transforms. So on a really serious wash day, I will usually deep condition or do some sort of mask, so I ordered the reconstruct repair. So this is a vitamin C strengthening mask and I don’t think I’ve really used vitamin C products on my hair. So I love vitamin C for my face, we’ll see how it works on these curls. And then some of the key ingredients vitamin C plant-based squalene vegetable protein and smoothing shea butter sounds promising. Then keeping in line with the repair and strengthening focus I got their repair serum, and again this is vitamin C.

AG Hair Care

It’s a strengthening sealant so the directions on this make me think it’s almost like a leave-in and you might use it after a leave-in. Or instead, if it’s not really clear it just says apply evenly through damp hair. It is a pretty small package. I mean as a girl with natural AG Hair care we all know we’re a bit heavy-handed, so i feel like this will last me one wash day, but i hope i can ration it a little bit we’ll see.

And the last thing i bought is very different for me. I bought a mousse. I have never used a mousse while styling my AG Hair care. The only time in my life that these curls have even felt the touch of moose was on my wedding day when i went and got it styled and she put mousse all over my hair, and it did actually dry really flaky. Yeah, so moose isn’t really in my good books but i thought, you know what, let’s try something new, so i ordered their mousse gel. I think this deserves its own blog where I trial and error using it.

I also don’t know if I’m going to use it to hold the shape of a twist out or if I should experiment with a wash and go with this, so let me know in the comments what you’d like to see in my most dedicated blog. If you’d like to see me trying a twist out or a wash-and-go. And just to be clear, I’ve only ever done one successful wash and go in my life, just one. So that’s everything that I ordered. I did get a little gift with purchase here too and it is their Cocoa Nut Milk Conditioning Spray, supposed to be a lightweight product that nourishes your AG Haircare like a superfood smoothie. This I’m curious about because the bottle is tiny.


Like this, i feel like will barely last me. But B my high porosity AG Hair care needs thick products so I’m a little bit skeptic about something that is in spray form because that means it’s going to be super light. So I’m like is this really going to do much for me, but i’m open to trying, we’ll give it a go. So I’m just going to jump right to it. We’re going to start washing my hair with these babies. This one we’ll just put aside, but we’re going to shampoo, we’re going to moisturize, we’re going to do a mask, then I’m going to use the sealant and the conditioning spray for just like a general twist style. Today we’re not getting too fancy.

Okay, so I shampooed and conditioned my hair, and then I applied the reconstructor and kept that in for about 15 minutes. So first of all the shampoo. I definitely liked it. It lathered, it didn’t leave AG Hair care feeling stripped, but overall I didn’t find that it was like magically moisturizing. And then next, the conditioner. It didn’t shock me that much when I applied it, but when I rinsed it out, I felt like my curls were clumping together. They felt nice and moisturized and hydrated, I definitely like this.

Probably my only downside is just how small it is. Okay, then the reconstructor. I love it! Easily the star of the show. This smells like marshmallows, it feels a little bit like marshmallows, but in a good way. The texture is just so thick and creamy and I know I said this is the star of the show, without even really rinsing it out yet, but first impression so far, just blew me away.

So what this actually says to do is to comb your hair out prior to rinsing it out, so I’ve got my wide tooth comb and we’re gonna see how easily this slides through. So this is just with the product, and I haven’t combed it through. You can see I’ve got a lot of different AG Hair care textures going on. These ones have much looser curls and everything on top is a lot tighter, and it always just looks like my hair is two different lengths when it dries. Okay, let’s see. So far going through really nicely…


I love it when a product makes for a good detangler too, all the gold stars. Okay, so we’re just gonna wrap up off-camera. I’ll be back with my thoughts and we’ll get into styling. So I am back. My hair has been drying like this for a couple of hours. I got lazy and hungry so I took a break and because my hair is super high porosity, I have my handy dandy spray bottle to add the moisture back in. So first I’m going to use the AG Hair care Coco and it’s the Nut Milk Conditioning Spray because I think this will be the most lightweight.

AG Hair Care

Then I’m going to follow with one of my own leave-in conditioners, and today I’m going to be using the IMO Natural Hibiscus Infusion Leave-In. And I absolutely love this leave-in and IMO natural is a small black-owned business so definitely go check them out, I’ll link them in the description. And then last but not least, I’m going to follow with the AG Hair care Repair Serum. And I’m going to end with this because it says it is a sealant and I usually use the oil, the O in my LCO method, to seal the moisture in my hair, so I’m hoping this kind of does the same thing. So let’s just get to it.

Coming out of that braid it is still pretty wet but i’m just gonna give it an extra spray. Got my Coconut Conditioning Spray, let’s see how it comes out. Quite a bit actually comes out. Weird that the product is so lightweight that it feels like water. It’s not sticky or anything, but it feels as though I put a product on there that just added so much slip to AG Hair care. That’s weird because it feels like it’s basically water.

Next, just my normal leave-in.

I always like to focus on my ends because my ends are always in distress, so this is one of those seals that you have to puncture. What, oh, I was being very dramatic. It didn’t take that much effort to puncture it. This has kind of a nice smell to it too. I’m so bad at scents, I never know what I’m smelling, I’m just like that smells good. I know that’s not helpful but it doesn’t smell as though there’s a lot of added fragrance. So far I like this texture.

It’s quite thick like it thins out when you rub it in your hands, but i’m just gonna break that up. It’s like not the cleanest braid anyone’s ever seen. So there’s no product build up and those products played really nicely with my IMO Natural Leave-In Conditioner. Okay, so AG Hair care is all braided up it, feels nice, and moisturized. So thoughts on the AG Hair Products I used while braiding my hair. The Milk Conditioning Spray, I am actually very impressed. If you told me that something with the texture of water would help me detangle my hair, I would have just laughed. But this really worked and this was just a freebie with my order.

So then the sealant,

I have to open up with the “con”. I did not like the packaging. So this was in one of those sort of like metal tubes and it just does not come out nicely. Like the tube holds it’s shape, so when you squeeze it and put it down without the cap on, it’s just still pushing out product, so it got everywhere. AG Hair care, please get a different container for this because otherwise the product was awesome!

AG Hair Care

It does feel like a protective layer is over my hair helping lock in the moisture. The reality is though, with both these products from their repair line, you can really only see how they work with long-term use. You can see if they are actually doing what they say, helping you know, preventing those split ends and everything. But for first impressions, I definitely love and I would actually say my two favorite products are the reconstructor and this sprays definitely going on my reorder list.

If you have tried any of AG Hair care products before let me know which ones in the comments and what you thought of them. And while you’re there please give this blog a thumbs up, hit the subscribe button, turn on the notification bell, and if you’re all caught up on my blogs and are waiting for the next one, go find me at Buynowx on both Instagram and Twitter, where i share more of my day-to-day life. Till next time!



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