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Beauty Tips and Tricks to Keep You Looking and Feeling Great Forever!2021

Beauty Tips and Tricks to Keep You Looking and Feeling Great Forever!

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Thanks for joining me today for a very special presentation on Beauty at any age Share some of my best tips and tricks and beauty tips to keep you looking and feeling great With all that’s going on during this very stressful time.

It’s more important to self-love and to feel great So my philosophy on beauty is that there’s no expiration date on beauty that beauty is ageless and timeless And I know that when I travel to India with Mother Teresa I really learned the true meaning of beauty I wanted to see what life was like in Calcutta because I had lived a very sort of you know spoiled cushiony life as a model and I wanted to go there and just really experience what it’s like to be in that kind of poverty when I met Mother Teresa when she came up to me I thought She’s the most beautiful women woman.

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I have ever seen in my life She radiated she glowed there was this sort of ethereal light around her she was taking care of people that nobody wanted to even bother with she was Taking children off the streets and feeding them and what really is beauty What is the beauty it’s so much more? It’s not a surface superficial thing. It’s really about our depth when I look at my old original photos from when I was 17 18 19 My face was blank my eyes were blank because I didn’t have the life experience I hadn’t experienced the world. And now when I take a picture it shows in my eyes Beauty is so much more than our physicality It is our spirituality. It’s our confidence.

It’s our life Experiences it’s who we are as people it’s our wisdom and To me. That’s what true beauty is So embrace your age and know that beauty is ageless and timeless let’s get to some of my tips and tricks because after all,

we do want to have fun with beauty and No matter what your age is we still like to put on makeup We still like to do our hair we still like to get up and look fabulous My mother still loves to get up every day and look gorgeous with her earrings her lipstick her Kitten heels and she loves to put on a really beautiful outfit It doesn’t have to stop it never has to stop even during these stressful times We always want to do our best to look and feel great because when you look great you feel great so today we’re gonna be covering things like Spa at home.

I’m gonna be showing you some of my favorite spa treatments that you can do right from your kitchen Cupboard and your refrigerator. I’m going to be talking about really Updated and really modern Hairstyles that you might want to try the next time you go to your hairdresser or your stylist some fashion tips with earrings and jewelry and some scarfs that you might really like I’m gonna be showing you some makeup do’s and Don’ts that you might want to try at home. And also we have a guided meditation So with all that I think you’re really going to enjoy this blog stay tuned for looking and feeling great your skincare is really really important and here are some simple tips that I like to do at home as a beauty expert I Love to take care of my skin.

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So we’re gonna just show some very simple steps that we can do One of the things that I always start with is a toner, so make sure you have some toner I’m sure you all have things like this at home start with your toner just a couple of pumps either into your hand I also like to use a piece of cotton So you just dip you’re gonna just really lightly tap. Now. Remember your skin is gorgeous It’s delicate.

You always want to just treat it in such a gentle way You never want to drag or pull and I think this is a really, you know Refreshing feeling this particular toner has aloe vera and witch hazel So you want to make sure you get a toner without alcohol? It’s very important and toner really is such a great way to start your skincare I always start with toner and I always feel like it just sets my skin Right. The next thing I like to do is eye cream.

I use this eye gel or an eye cream Because sometimes we wake up and we have puffy eyes Sometimes we didn’t get a great night’s sleep So again a pump or two little bit goes a long way and we tap it very Adele It’s very delicate under your eye. It’s like a little eggshell. So we always want to just tap tap tap So on one eye Out and the other eye Just gently tap your fingers. I like little pads so I like to just tap tap tap and then again just Takes down puffiness. It takes down ie rotational To the night before Takes down your puffiness and then I like to use serums now.

I like the vitamin C serum I also have a higher ionic serum. The higher ionic serum is for of course hydration and the vitamin C serum is for you know if you have a few brown spots or you know, it’s like an exfoliator for your skin, but it’s very gentle. So I looked again and put a couple of drops onto a cotton pad and again, our faces are beautiful and you want to be very very Mindful of how you put any skincare on.

So again can use my fingers but like tap The vitamin C serum into my skin and it just feels so refreshing Then I like to use a moisturizer now again We you don’t have to use all these different steps if you just want to use a toner and a moisturizer I like these different steps because I’m a skincare girl.

So I like to really take care of my skin So I’m gonna use a mirror while I put this on because I really want to see what I’m doing Let’s see yeah, and this Hydrates your skin it makes your skin look moister makes sure you’re drinking a lot of water That’s really important for your skin to have you know if you want really want beautifully hydrated skin Just make sure you’re using a really good moisturizer and also drink at least eight glasses of water a day and Then my skin is all prepped and ready to go.

So we’re going to start talking about makeup Makeup is one of my favorite things to talk about, you know as a beauty expert and as a model, my whole career has been about makeup But I feel that as we get older and as we age we get more and more gorgeous, so we need very little makeup. So I’m gonna show you a couple of Tips that you should avoid and then some tips that you definitely want to do to bring out those gorgeous eyes Your beautiful lips. So let’s get started.

So one of the things that again we need very little makeup. I find that a lot of women use blush and they don’t blend so they do this kind of streaky thing and to me, They put way too much on so I’m gonna just show you what not to do So as you can see It’s just too much and you just need a light pink on your cheek And you want to put it on the apple of your eye So you want to make sure that it’s really well blended. I have a couple of brushes here that you could use Too.

I don’t know what brush you have at home, but if you have A nice big thick brush you might want to use that and then I use this brush to blend as well So you want to make sure that you’re blending and you’re gonna give yourself a little bit of color but again blend when in doubt blend it out, so as you can see it’s now very well blended and Again, you can use your finger the pads of your finger If you do have a bigger brush I use this one, but if you have a thicker brush You might want to really get in there and just blend it blending is really important So now that we have our cheeks on and you can see and you can see these before and after pictures Let’s talk about your lips.

Now. I find a lot of women take their lip pencils And they outlined their lips and then they leave the line on so they do this kind of thing And They don’t blend again. Do you want to be able to blend your lips? so you’re gonna take your lip brush and you’re just gonna make sure That you’re gonna fill in those lines And again these before and after pictures are really showing you that when you blend how nice the lips look because blending is so much about giving your lips definition and I always feel that you know as we get older and as we start to age We always need a little bit of color We always need a little pop of color because you know our skin tone may be fading a little bit So we want to bring out the best in our eyes and our cheeks and our lips Now if you want to use a color that adds a color I use this sort of Really light I hope you can see this is a sort of a light pink But if you want to you know, go a little bolder if you’re having fun Maybe have somebody coming to visit you or you’re gonna be on a Skype call with one of your relatives you wanna a little more pop of color So here’s a little Pop of color that makes your lips stand out and a little pop of color brings out your eyes a bit as well but again, I’m from Less is better. This is only the first special occasion Do you want to brush up on your eyebrows? So make sure that they are up and looking beautiful now for your eyes I do believe women need just very very little on their eyes because again your peepers are gorgeous Don’t overdo them.

It doesn’t overdo it with too much shadow. So I like to just use a very simple, you know liner, and so you want to start what I like to do is I like to hold my finger taut and then Start from the outside in So you blend it in like this and then mascara and you are good to go. So I just use a very light I don’t curl my eyelashes. I just like to put a little bit on the edge And that’s really all you need for your makeup So I hope you like these tips now Let’s go and see some of the things that you can do at home and you can make out of your kitchen and cover Follow me to the kitchen So, ladies, this is actually my favorite part of the day I Love a home spa.

I love a little mini-retreat I love to do things that make me feel pampered and special and did you know that you can find things? To create your own home spa right in your refrigerator right in your cupboard So today we’re gonna talk about a nail treatment and we’re also gonna talk about a really beautiful hand massage which I think you’re gonna love I’ve written two books one is called nature’s beauty secret and the other one is Naturally beautiful. So you might want to check out I have hundreds of recipes.

So let’s get to it. Okay, so the first recipe I want to do is everyone has is apple cider vinegar at home or if you don’t Next time you’re at the grocery store get some because did you know it is a great nail strengthener? I took 1/4 of apple cider vinegar and all I’m gonna do is dip my nails and that’s gonna cleanse them That’s gonna strengthen them. And what’s also fantastic about this? Is that before I put my nail polish on it’s gonna make them smoother So try this at home.

I trust myself. This is one of my favorites another thing you can do is use the juice of a lemon around the base of your nails to give it that strength and also cleanse Lemon is very antiseptic So you want to know, try this at home because it does work wonders for the nails It cleanses them and it takes away those stains as well if you use it long enough So now we’re gonna move to I call it to moonlight in Vermont This is an amazing hand and nail Lotion that I create at home, which it’s so fabulous.

I can’t say enough about it all it takes is olive oil Lemon, and you might want to use just a little pinch of sea salt It’s not necessary. But this is something that a lot of people do because it creates a little bit of an exfoliant So I put 1/4 cup of lemon and 1/4 cup of olive oil so you can squeeze the lemon or you can measure it out I like to squeeze the lemon in it just makes it simpler and easier and Then I soak my nails in the solution. And again what I do And you’ll see I love to rub it and olive oil smells good.

So I had an Italian grandmother and she swore By olive oil. She used it for everything. She used it as a body lotion. She poured a little bit into her bath She thought it was just and she and Jessa did she just thought it was just the best thing for your health So you could see it’s just very nourishing and when you do any type of beauty ritual Especially some of the things that you’re doing at home. Just be mindful. Just Smell the smells the scent.

I also like to use a few essential oils I put either peppermint or you can use lavender in this particular lotion, and then just be mindful You know, this is all about self-love It’s not self-indulgent it’s self-preservation when you take care of yourself It’s really showing that you really care about You and you’re taking care of you and that’s what’s the most important So just really lovingly and mindfully use this lotion You can use it on your arms, wherever you have dry patches. I use it on dry elbows.

I just love this Lotion and everybody has olive oil at home So go into your cover get out your olive oil Get out some lemon and maybe a few drops of essential oil. Maybe a little pinch of sea salt We all have sea salt at home And try it just remember a little tiny bit pinch of sea salt so last but not least I have this amazing hand lotion I call it ladies who lunch hand lotion and It’s fabulous and we’re gonna talk a little bit about it because I’m gonna show you how to give yourself some Self-love a little hand massage and how easy this is to make so you’re just gonna take a regular hand lotion Hopefully, it’s unscented and just put it in a bowl like that and you’re gonna use a drop or two of The essential oil you might want to use a rose.

I use orange or lavender or peppermint Those all smell fantastic. I love lavender because lavender is relaxing it’s soothing Mmm, I just love the way lavender smells so a little bit goes a long way So you might just want one or two drops in and that’s all you need.

So you’re gonna mix it up So I like to mix it in the bowl and then we’re gonna take the lotion and again Mmm, the first thing you want to do is you’re gonna get this into your hands. It’s very emollient and Just breathe in that essential oil now what’s really important for our hands are really dry right now We’re using a lot of hand sanitizer You know this time of year can be a little bit dry because the weather is sort of up and down So we want to keep a bottle of hand lotion by our sink so whenever we wash our hands or we’re using hand sanitizer, we want to have a bottle of lotion by our sink or and We put it by our bed. So at night before you go to bed.

Do you want to have hand lotion on your bed? And I’m gonna show you just a really simple message. You can do a hand massage Well, first of all, you just really want to get it into your nails You want to get it on your knuckles when you have dry knuckles. It shows that you’re a little bit dehydrated So always do that knuckle test and then make sure you’re drinking enough water But I close this together like that my fingers together almost in like a prayer position and then I just really work Then the muscles of my fingers and what that does is it just it?

Really kind of stimulates the hands the lotion will absorb much more into the hands so and then again if you want to do this can also be used on your Upper arms or your lower arms and elbows. I love to use this lotion too. Right? We all get dry elbows, right? So this is wonderful the scent is Fantastic, and it’s just a loving way to treat yourself you are Beautiful. You’re wonderful You deserve to be at home and to create this wonderful spa to treat yourself It’s all about self-care self-love and again I have hundreds of recipes you can make at home for your hair and for your face. I have facials in my book I have hair care treatments in my book So let’s talk about hair now,

I love different hairstyles now Obviously, I have not been able to get my hair cut in a couple of months and I’m sure you have as well But once when we get out of this and it’s all over let’s maybe try something different Let’s try to be more creative maybe a little bolder So here are some looks of women who really stepped out of the box That really tried to be a little bit more creative And so when you go to see your stylist when this is all over of course you might want to bring in photos that are inspirational to you and something that’s a little bit maybe more fun a little bit more creative a little bit more genocide quoi and I always think hair can be really fun. Maybe a side bang. Maybe something a little more classic or Maybe you want to try something. That’s a little bit more.

I don’t know out-of-the-box a little more modern and Yeah, let’s have fun with hair So beauties we’re gonna talk a little bit about fashion and style Maybe some scarves you want to pull in a bold earring. I Love these classics. I love the classic look But I love these big bold earrings. I love that. They’re sort of large. This pulls in my outfit. It gives me this.

I don’t know a beautiful color for my skin tone So remember a pop of color goes a long way be bold with your earrings to be bold with your look So let’s talk a little bit about scarves. I Love scarves, and as you know scarves are very much in vogue right now there are so many different creative ways that you can tie a scarf and wear a scarf For example, I have this I collect brooches. And so I have this beautiful brooch that I put with my scarf I love to pair it with a beautiful pair of earrings These are vintage earrings if you have some beautiful classic vintage earrings at home Do you want to pair them with your scarf?

So let’s talk about some different ways and creative ways that we can tie a scarf. So you take a square scarf and You’re gonna go to the corners of the scarf and you’re gonna hold that taut and then it’s very simple you put it behind Your neck and then you’re gonna tie it on the side Now once you tie it to the side that’s when you can add your little brooch or You know just have it hang a few different ways. You can hang it this way or you can hang it to the side There are so many creative ways that you can tie this scarf.

So just have a fun experiment with it So now here’s another way that you can tie the scarf. So you want to take the scarf and you want to wrap it and twist it so that it goes around your neck and There’s a little like loop and you pull the scarf through the loop and then you tighten it a little bit and voila What a great fresh classic.

Look nowhere is another Great idea for your scarf again. You’re gonna take both corners of the scarf and you’re going to put it around your neck twice and then there you just let it hang and what a great look so let’s talk about Smaller scarves. So I love more than anything in the world the whole Audrey Hepburn Look, she’s one of my favorite icons. And so I love the way that she used to tie her scarves very simply all you do is to take a smaller scar and tie it on the side We’re bold-colored ladies who try to experiment and then I love the vintage earring.

Look I have Hundreds of vintage earrings. I collect them. It’s fun. So pair it with a beautiful pair of vintage earrings and you’re ready to go All right, my beauties now come the time for our guided meditation, so I want you to just Sit down, and make sure you’re sitting down In a very comfortable position.

Maybe you want some really comfy pillows by your side or sitting on a cushion Whatever makes you feel comfortable because in this Guided meditation the most important thing is that you’re feeling comfortable so You’re gonna sit back and you’re gonna close your eyes very gently We’re just gonna breathe we’re gonna take three deep breaths In and out of the nose And what that’s gonna do is that’s gonna relax us I’m going to follow our breath And that’s gonna Center us Okay,

so now in this more of relaxed state Just be aware that Our breath is at a very steady pace and That now we can visualize So let’s visualize ourselves in a beautiful Garden setting so maybe butterflies are flying around you or some beautiful flowers See feel and hear the sounds around you maybe you smelling the flowers They’re beautiful. They smell gorgeous Maybe butterflies are landing on you Just put yourself in that beautifully relaxed state and that beautiful garden This is your sanctuary.

This is the inner sanctuary That you can go to any time you’re feeling anxious or nervous or fearful you always have this beautiful place this very Natural place. It’s the heart of Mother Earth, but you can go to it and just relax I Want you to see yourself in that place and then I Want you to thank the universe you thank God for your higher self or whatever that is for you Just say thank you.

I’m so full of gratitude To be able to have this day And thank you for the food that I eat. Thank you for the roof over my head Thank you for this beautiful place that I’m living in I am so blessed Then take another couple of deep breaths We’re gonna gently open our eyes And again grateful for the day Namaste,

so I hope you enjoyed this blog Thanks.




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