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beauty questions and answers

beauty questions and answers

beauty questions

I’m really excited to do this because you’ll see it’s just a passion of mine so let’s jump in because it is a beauty questions lot of questions skincare is the first section and it says how many times do you wash your face daily once if I’m wearing makeup or if I kind of feel junkie the only thing I do is I use shadow pureness refreshing cleansing sheets their oil-free and alcohol-free and I absolutely love them so what skin type do you have. beauty questions

I have kind of dry combination skin at what is your current facial wash, ok so my current facial wash is clinique rinse-off foaming cleanser do you exfoliate so  I actually use the Clinique seven-day scrub creme rinse off formula this is gentle enough to use every single day of the absolute best exfoliator of all time for me because I have really sensitive skins what brand do you use phonier and shish to and simple but moisturizer do you use oh my gosh it is just wonderful it is origins a perfect world age defense skin guardian with white tea do you have freckles I have moles is that the same thing Alex oh no I’m hospitals. beauty questions

you use eye cream yes I do I’ve been using the clinic Moisture Surge extended thirst relief sometimes I just use good old Vaseline have scrubbed my eyes makeup and all that kind of stuff I’ll put just like a little bit of Vaseline right here and then like underneath and then on my a little bit do you or did you have acne-prone skin I do have acne-prone skin now my acne is not like big pimples it’s more like the red spot to come and they stay for like weeks and weeks and weeks and then I have like areas that like all my cheeks that got red and kind of like bumpy but I use clear days ahead by philosophy skin has never been more beautiful than when I use this every single day did you ever use proactive yes I did when I freaked out and was like oh my gosh what do I have acne now but I did not like it okay so we’re on to the makeup one the judgment-free zone. beauty questions

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okay I have a problem what  foundation do you use I have tried  everything i have like a whole container  back here Mac clinique drug source of  all bunches of stuff tried everything  but my absolute favorite is a freaking  drugstore foundation call l’oreal paris  True Match Lumi healthy luminous makeup  and I’m neutral n12 which is just the  palest you can be how about concealer, I  love my concealers my under eye is what  i use the most of my concealing for and  i use the l’oreal true match fusion  crayon corrector thing it’s like kind of  with with this i think i’m not sure but  it’s very like thick and I have very  dark circles under my eyes so ,I use this  after I do my makeup and it gives me a  nice clean line and cleans up everything  that I’ve kind of like it junked up when  I did my eyes and I use the Maybelline  instant age rewind wonderful and it’s  right light reflective and I actually  use it as a highlight so i use it in a  triangle under my eyes down my nose on  here on my Cupid’s bow and down around  here and it’s so freaking cheap so  breaking cheap i just it just blows my  mind  do you know you’re under tune color yes  I’m pink I’m warm I have a lot of red so  warm do you think of fake eyelashes I  love fake eyelashes but I like I feel so  insecure when I wear them and I feel  like people are judging me like and not  that many people want around me or my  friends wear them.beauty questions


I just wish that like everybody did because I absolutely love them I think they’re so fun and my eyelashes are super long so I don’t really need it for that but my lashes stick like straight out so it’s kind of fun to have like an upward motion upward but I don’t really wear them ever I don’t think I’ve worn them out since like Halloween in college probably and it sucks, I want to okay do you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every three months yes I do and I absolutely do not do that so I  actually like I actually don’t really like my mascaras right when I get them I  kind of like and when they dry out a  little bit and then I’m like what  Brandon mascara to use gonna just grab you know just a slight selection here just a few of these no joke I’ll serious problem with mascara. beauty questions


I love them I get  stuck with them all the time this map  one is pretty cool but it’s more  gimmicky and so I’m especially the ones  that I use the most and this Maybelline  define a lash mascara I really like this  stuff it doesn’t clump it doesn’t make  them spidery it just really defines them  and just spreads out your lashes and  gives you some movement in them and it  really has a nice wand little trick is  when I run out of these I actually take  the wand out of it and, I clean it all  off and then I use this to brush my  beauty questions eyelashes and get any clumps and junk  especially under here kind of roll  through and then just paint it off and  use it so just a little trick there and  the other thing ,beauty questions,I really love is by  Clinique it’s a bottom lash mascara and  has a we need a little tiny me wand and  this is really cool to

beauty questions

get precision and  to get like every lash from here to here  and it makes it really full and  beautiful so no judgment remember  remember no-judgment zone sephora or mac  mm-hmm this is a hard one but i have to  go support because sephora has, all  brands it has like many different things  although i love the mac store, I get in  trouble every time I go there because I  just want to buy everything I do you  have a mac pro card no because you have  two forms of identification that you are  working as a makeup artist or whatever  and what makeup artist has two forms of  identification like I have my  cosmetology license and I could get  cards but I do it free lance and, I just  do it um like here and there and it’s  just kind of word of mouth so I’m like  screwed I can’t get it so, I don’t know  I’ve tried to talk to them but it’s just  like so much work that I’m just like  forget it a makeup tools do you use to  in makeup application here’s just some  of the tools that I need I have a  problem.beauty questions


yes I do I don’t know there’s so  many but I wanted to show you guys like  my favorite ones uh this has been a new  one elf powder brush is pretty much the  only brush are like from them because I  didn’t like any of the other ones i  ordered but i do my foundation with this  it’s like a nice flat top and was too  cheap so i love that speaking of cheap, i  absolutely love this soho brush it’s  like a drug store brush i think but it  has like actual like things that you can  hold it with and it’s just a really cool beauty questions angular but it’s a really cool for like  cutting your cheek and also just  applying blush and  really awesome the next the breasts are  going to be Mac this is I think the 217  it’s worn off but 217 is my absolute  favorite for packing on color sorry all  my brushes are dirty i’m about to clean  them after this video actually the mac  224 for buffing out absolute favorite  and then these two they’re kind of  comparable but once a little bit bigger  once a little bit smaller i like them  for different reasons so i added both of  them it’s a huge difference guys huge  know once a little bit bigger and one’s  a little bit smaller and i use the 208  in the 266 I’m embarrassed they use  makeup face primer for the eyes I do  sometimes use the elf primer eyelid  primer but I do I have to have something  on my eyelids but I generally just put  like my beauty questions

beauty questions


concealer or my foundation on  there so that the eyeshadow has  something to grab on to but if i’m doing  like a dramatic look like this today i  use the mac pearl frost cream color base  and I put that from my eyebrow down to  my lid and I just use that as a base and  it sticks the color is just so much more  of a payoff I didn’t the for the face  I’m not bad in two primers I’m more into  like using a moisturizer before but I’d  use a this one sometimes elf mineral  face primer just because I’m like I feel  like I have to but I don’t notice the  difference if i use it or not so maybe i  just haven’t found a good one I’ve tried  the professionals I’ve tried almost all  of them and I just really don’t notice  anything where’s your favorite eyeshadow  color that’s like actually easy for me  and I don’t think that they even make  this anymore because it’s in this like  cream container but its cosmic flux  pearl eyeshadow by Mac and it’s just a  gold sparkly gold color but I just like  cut my crease with this and I wear it  like it’s probably this is my go to  every single time I want to wear makeup  and not that much I’m on a rush I just  grabbed this that was easy I don’t want  to show you all the shows that I have  do you use pencil or liquid liner I  actually have like all the forms I have  pencil I have a precision liquid  eyeliner I got this from ELF I really  really like it especially over false  lashes and I have cream eyeliner by elf  I really like this I got it to replace  my beauty questions



Mac because my Mac had dried out and  I really am impressed with this I like  it a lot usually use the mac 208 that’s  which is a smaller one but i prefer  using a shadow with my mac 208 and this  shot it is Black Tide velvet has looked  a little bit of shimmer in it I don’t  know it doesn’t bother me it doesn’t  really like show up very shimmery but i  like to use it and just a lot more  beauty questions precision because i have beauty questions shaky hands and  that’s not a good look when you use your  like liquid or anything else if i use a  liner i still even go on and just make  sure the lines are straight with this  quest you home how often do you poke  your eyes with eyeliner pencil I don’t  poke my high with my


beauty questions
beauty questions

pencil but I  haven’t tight lining my upper lid lately  and I don’t like it i think i’m going to  stop it looks beautiful but it just  feels so weird what do you think of  pigment I shadows i love them i  absolutely love on my favorite is mac  tan it’s like a gold shimmery this could  honestly like last a village I mean it’s  used so little but you just have to make  sure you have a like sticky base to put  it on and i really like it is really fun  to play with and it really like shows up  really fun do you use mineral makeup  I’ve tried it and it really made my skin  look like flaky and dry I think it’s  really a lot better for maybe oily or  combo skin but for me with having dry  skin it just not a good look for me  had a good look thank you what is your  favorite lipstick I actually am NOT a  lipstick Gao but my absolute favorite is  of course mac lipsticks and this ruffian  read that I’ve been beauty questions



hanging on to I’ve  been so tempted to give it away in  another giveaway because I had to I gave  wanting to give away look how gorgeous  that read it is I mean it’s just like  the perfect read about lip gloss well  this is a whole different story and i’m  not going to get into it because i think  that you will judge but this whole thing  is filled with lip gloss i have lip  gloss everywhere i’m addicted i can  never have too much it’s just I mean if  it’s a craziness that happens I mean I  could just but how’s that my favorite  right now is a bare minerals marvelous  Moxie in rebel and actually got this  with my point from Sephora and it was  like a look like trio thing I got of  something else but I done beloved and  I’m gonna read I’m going to purchase a  full size of it and it has like a minty  smell and the wand is like perfect it  just is so nice to apply I just love the  feel of it it’s not sticky it’s got a  nice shine and then it’s got this minty  scent so it kind of like freshman’s you  up when you wear it what is your  favorite blush to use I actually only  use one blush ever it i’m not a blush  girl so this is the one thing that like  honolulu do like okay one blush and it’s  from mac and it’s dainty and i really  like suffered like I was like do much to  buy this I really like it because she  just put it on my cheeks and I was like  I really like it like I remember he’s  blush but um said I use this it’s like a  little bit paralyzed and just a pink  normal color but I  then I use at all time do you buy your  makeup on eBay no I don’t understand  that really um and I don’t like the idea  of just beauty questions.


beauty questions
beauty questions

getting it from a stranger and  ebay kind of scares me anyways because  I’ve heard about so many scams so no do  you like drugstore makeup obviously yes  I was very afraid of it up until my  foundation thing and mascaras are like a  dream lip gloss do not get me in the lip  gloss section of pharmacy I’ll be there  for hours do you go to see cos i’m just  going to answer no because I have to  read what it is cosmetic company outlets  sounds fun but have no idea what it is  so no do you ever consider taking makeup  classes yes i do sephora offers classes  and we just got one and i would love to  do some classes i love makeup so that  would be really fun but I’ve never taken  any classes I don’t sink are you clumsy  and putting on makeup yes I know kind of  on my routine I do it I just some use to  it but i do have shaky hands so that is  a problem name a makeup crime that you  hate there are so many but right now i  would say too much contour like people  are so into contouring their face like  it’s insane and it’s so weird if you  have a face shape like mine like oval  thin um you do not need to be like  cutting out your cheekbones I see them  can you see them mine right here it’s my  one fan girl that one got me going off  you like colorful shades of makeup  lipstick eye shadows or neutral ones  that’s hard I like both but I’d



probably  say neutral ones are well I don’t know  is gold considered neutral and I used  like Browns and stuff if I had a pic of  probably pick neutrals but i really love  playing with color which celebrity  always has great makeup  that is hard brisket over that one and  come back to it if you could leave the  house using just one makeup item what  would you use absolutely lip gloss  that’s it absolutely it love my lip  gloss could you ever leave the house  without any makeup on yes I do all the  time I do not wear makeup daily so  actually did a one month no makeup  challenge so the entire month I didn’t  wear makeup to anything so yep I can go  out without makeup do you think you look  good even without any makeup on I have  to go back and forth because just some  days like I just don’t like if I could  just have a little under eye concealer  and just like a pop of color and a  little bit mascara because I can look  really tired like I look Haggard but  most days doesn’t really like I’m not  like oh my gosh and I have to go out and  I don’t have my makeup on no doesn’t  really bother me especially after doing  the one month challenge I really like  broke that bond of like wearing makeup  really often but I would love to be able  to do my makeup everyday like that would  be super fun but I don’t have the spoons  for that have you know nuts beans are  watching my video on spoon theory in  your opinion what is the best makeup  line that is really hard I would say beauty questions

beauty questions

this is so conventional but I honestly  would say Mac because I just love all  their stuff I think it’s because like I  just got really excited when I’m in  there and I just get like this like on a  home like I’m just a phone and so i  think i would pick mac even though  that’s like such a generic like newbie  thing I still really like mac and it  still gets me really excited I reminds  me so much of like college and going out  buying new brushes and it’s kind of a  ting I don’t know if that sounds really  see but we’re going to roll with crazy I  what do you think of makeup well that’s  a broad question I love makeup I think  makeup is an art I think that you can  have so much fun with it I think it’s  something you can be super creative with  and I use it a lot of times to distract  myself from my pain and being tired and   my fibro it shouldn’t be taken as  like a half to it should be like a fun  experience it’s like to play around with  thank you so much for tagging me Lori  this is really fun and a mess I  hope you guys I’m pain free stress free  day I’m sending a text oboes bye  I don’t want any like huge pieces of  like rocks on my face sweat it down so  Ivan a Vaseline is amazing you cannot  like replace it you can do anything with  it it’s like all those oils that .beauty questions



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