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9 ways to stop snoring

9 ways to stop snoring

stop snoring

Breaking the silence of the night, he is calling continuously or intermittently with different tones. The sound sometimes increases and sometimes decreases. Someone’s snoring. He somehow survived by closing the door and window in the next room, leaving music in a soft voice. But to sleep in the same bed with someone who snores! Alas, the sleep of the night! This is the one who listens to his condition. But what about the one who snores?

Doctors say snoring can be a sign of high blood pressure and even risk of stroke, among other health problems. An ear, nose and throat surgeon at The Private Clinic, London, explains nine causes of snoring and their remedies.

Say no to alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol or alcoholic beverages can cause snoring. Alcohol relaxes the muscles of the tongue, causing the airways to constrict, leading to snoring. Avoiding alcohol before going to bed at night can help alleviate this problem.

Quit smoking

Smoking already causes some respiratory complications. Again, smoking can cause inflammation of a special type of tissue in the nose called the turbinate’s and this can also cause breathing complications. These two side effects of smoking can cause snoring problems. Quitting smoking will not only help you and your partner get a better night’s sleep, but will also dramatically improve your overall health.

Avoid spicy food

Eating too much spicy food can trigger an over-acidic reaction in the stomach. Many studies have shown that snoring is associated with such problems. If you can’t figure out what’s causing the snoring, try reducing the amount of spice in the food to see if it does any harm.

Lose excess weight

Being overweight is one of the most common causes of snoring. The more you weigh, the more prone you are to snoring. And the sound of people’s snoring is too much. Try to lose weight. Even if you lose a few kilograms, you may find that snoring is not a problem.


Change sleeping position

Those who have snoring can get rid of the habit of sleeping with their back propped up in bed. And if you are embarrassed to feel your partner’s thrusts, then lie down with your back to your partner. Tucking a tennis ball around your waist in your pajamas can save you from going crazy. It can also reduce or stop snoring.

Keep the bed clean

If there is more dust in the bedding, if the house is dirtier, there is a breathing problem. In this situation, dust and dirt can get infected in the nasal passages and the nasal muscles can swell and snoring can start. So it is very important to keep the bedding and the room clean. It is healthy and it also improves sleep. And snoring can also be removed.


Find the biological cause

According to medical science, there are three main biological causes of snoring. Thickened soft lining of the nasal passages, partial narrowing of the nasal passages due to other causes, and narrowing of the airway behind the tongue. If you can’t find the root cause, you won’t get rid of it. If a general practitioner can’t help, see an otolaryngologist for advice.

Know the nose or throat

Whether you are making the sound through the nose, or through the throat—it is important to be sure first. In many cases, both can happen together. However, if you have a problem with either the nose or the throat, you can safely skip the nasal drops or the throat spray.

permanent solution

If you are tired of trying different types of advice, or if the matter has gone beyond the level of embarrassment, now move towards a permanent solution. See an ear, nose, and throat surgeon. Now it is possible to treat the narrowed airways behind the nose and tongue with laser beams. The operation is also not very time-consuming using local anesthetic. But it must be done under a skilled surgeon.



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